A Definitive Guide on Myanmar Customs Duty


A good traveler starts every trip with research. If you’re going to Myanmar for a vacation this year, it helps to know everything that you must know to have a fun, safe and hassle-free time the moment you set foot on the Golden Land. And one of the most important things that you should study about is the country’s customs regulations. This way, you know what items can be brought in and out without causing you any trouble. After all, you don’t want spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on items that you can’t bring there or back home.


Here are the things that you need to know about this matter.

A foreigner may bring “reasonable quantities” of personal effects and household items to the country duty free under the following circumstances:


  • The foreigner has diplomatic status and has letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to verify this.
  • The foreigner works for a legally registered business operation or company.


For foreign vacationers, duty must be paid for consumable items. For duty free goods imported by a foreign traveler, these items must be re-exported back to his own country upon exit from Myanmar.


Communications equipment (phones, walkie-talkies, fax machines and so on) must have import permits coming from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. Import permits must be obtained by the shipper and not the shipping company.


Antiques that are to be brought inside the country need to be declared to the Ministry of Information. So are all electrical items, which must come with pertinent information including brand, serial number, and model.


Some items cannot be brought into the country. These items include firearms, ammunition, pornographic materials, narcotics, and subversive literature.


Pets like dogs, cats, and birds can be brought into the country given that the come with current health certificates that are not seven days older as well as a current immunization card. There’s no quarantine period required.


If you’re planning to bring any camera, gadgets or jewelry, you need to declare these items to customs at the airport.


Foreign currencies, meanwhile, are allowed in unlimited amount but should be declared also upon arrival at the Myanmar airport. These currencies must be changed within one month of arrival at an authorized money changer.


There is duty free allowance for personal items like:

  • One set of portable camera and accessories
  • One set of golf equipment with no more than 15 clubs
  • One pair of tennis or badminton rackets
  • One set of fishing rod and accessories
  • Medications with doctor’s prescription in reasonable quantity
  • No more than two liters of liquor
  • No more than 150 milliliters of perfume
  • No more than 400 rolls of cigarette
  • No more than 50 rolls of cigar
  • No more than 250 grams of pipe tobacco
  • One portable audio player
  • One set of portable computer and accessories
  • Electronic goods not exceeding the value of $500
  • Six pieces large or 12 pieces small unrecorded compact disc (CD)
  • Six pieces unrecorded video tapes
  • Six pieces unrecorded cassette tapes
  • Six pieces unrecorded tapes for DV or HD cam
  • Two pieces of portable data storage thumb drive
  • Other goods for personal use under the value of $500


Be sure to check out this guide before packing your things so you don’t encounter any problem during your vacation in Myanmar. Enjoy!

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