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Within Myanmar’s cultural mix, fortune telling is one of the amazing and growing practice of tradition. Myanmar people go for it when they are in trouble or when they have no idea what to do next. It’s not that they believe in it heartedly at all times. People like to try it more or less. If lots of people recommend you a particular fortuneteller, you’ll get interested and you will like to try at least once. When things really worked out, you believe in that fortuneteller even if you are the one who never believe in fortunetelling now and then.


Most Myanmar people, especially ladies wonder what future holds for them and how to better prepare for it. Even local businessmen seek the advice of fortunetellers before making big decisions although it appears that women consult fortunetellers more often than men in Myanmar. Some young people with scientific backgrounds sometimes follow fortuneteller’s advice although it’s not part of their decision-making process. It’s because it helps them in some ways. Thus fortunetelling somehow plays an important role. Those who are hardly gravitated to fortunetellers or fortune telling, palm readers and psychics, at least have a couple of that experience. Some go for it as there’s nothing to lose or just for fun.


Ladies in age of 20s to 30s are the highest clients of fortunetellers. Most of them consult for love affairs and education. Some tellers are awesome to be able to see what is going on or what will be going on in the future. There are quite a lot of famous fortunetellers in Myanmar. Some foresee a time by reading one’s hand or by checking the time client comes to consult them. There are very few of those who foretell using tarot cards. People hardly believe in tarot cards reading in Myanmar. Some Myanmar fortunetellers don’t use any references to foretell client’s fortune. It’s like what we call spiritual consultation which doesn’t rely on any devices or methods but rather gives advice to the client which are said to have come from spirits who help them see the future. It’s believed that they get that kind of spiritual power after meditating for a long time. Some said it’s their innate power. Whatever it is, clients like them as long as they can help. Myanmar people prefer that kind of telling than foretelling by palm reading or by astrology.


The methods of fortunetelling vary as client’s preferences vary. Palm reading is mostly good to tell about what kind of person you are and who you will become in the future. We call it ‘reading about you’ but it’s only telling about you generally. Some facts meet your points. Some are totally opposite to your characters. On the other hand, those who are in trouble and lost mostly go for spiritual consultation to know how to solve the problem and what to do next. It helps a lot actually. Believe it or not. There are many of those people who can tell you not to do this and that, what better to do when and where. You follow their advices and you are successfully done surprisingly. Some fortunetellers use both astrological and numerical principles. Many people consult monks also when seeking advice for the future. Monks help them by using traditional ways to beat bad luck.


It’s believed that people don’t sign in important contracts on unlucky day according to astrology written in Myanmar calendar. It’s not that Myanmar people are superstitious, but because they don’t want to feel awful if they had gone ahead and something bad happened after having told it was unlucky day.


Some people think that it’s making things up. It’s right somehow for those fortunetellers who are cheating and very bad in their profession. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that faith in fortunetelling and astrology play an important role for some extent in Myanmar’s society.


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