Aung San Su Kyi: What was she wrong for? What should she do?


Medias talk and write about 2015 election quite much. Many of them think that NLD (National League for Democracy) led by Aung San Su Kyi will win in most areas IF the election is fair and square. However, no one knows who will be the leader of the party, since she can’t become president according to the current constitution.


The 2012 Burmese by-elections were held on the 1st of April. Although, NLD won 43 of the 44 seats they contested among 46 vacant parliamentary seats, it was like NLD was in a rush and contested just only with young people. It would not be so good for the 2015 election if they were not organized or did good planning as they did in 2012. It may slow down the country’s change. It’s also very important to be able to organize and manage tactically as other countries and foreign companies are going to invest in Myanmar. Even some political writers assume that 2015 election will not be able to create a good balance of business and proper democracy. It is because the crisis between ethnic groups blocks the prospects of development and economy. Then it becomes the people’s voice, saying that it all happens because leader Aung San Su Kyi who manages those affairs, cannot stand firmly or manage properly.


Being silent about the Buddhist-Muslim clash and fleeing away from hatred, neglecting the Kachin Wars puts her in disgrace and to lose votes. People criticize her attempt to get close to the military. Also, it was no use for her to convince the world political leaders to help Burma Military in her second trip to Britain. Plus it did not make any difference that she attended the Armed Forces Day Ceremony together with the generals.


Votes are getting low for her since people suspect that she may have made agreements with president Thein Sein when they meet secretly. The military leaders took advantage of her when she tried to help the poor military to find its way back to the world. She was criticized and said that she was stupid because she stood by the military and the government at Latpatan commission. Now she is no longer with U Thein Sein. They don’t get along well and it seems like they become political rivals. And people are blaming upon U Thein Sein and giving him a lot of pressure whatever happens. Although she becomes the Committee Principal in the House of Representatives, she gets close to Thura Shwe Man, she still cannot work anything out yet.


She did not raise her voice nor complain when the military shot Kachin in Northern Myanmar. Then she has already lost some votes from ethnic groups and humanitarians. Even her old partner Shan politician U Kon Tun Oo criticized her in public for having been convinced by the government leaders to walk alongside them.


If you asked me, “What would you do if you were her? “, it’s simple to answer. Those leaders whom she admired reacted to their country’s crashes and crisis in many different ways. For example, Mahatma Gandhi, father of Indian Independence movement, did a hunger strike to stop the crisis between Hindu and Muslim, and Martin Luther King, an American priest, led African-American Civil Rights Movement.


Some people say it’s of no use to criticize and demand Daw Aung San Su Kyi and the NLD for change in Myanmar. But I think it is really important to criticize, as we are going to a society that is based on democracy. We must judge the person who might lead the country after the 2015 election.


Anyway there are no doubts that people all over the world and Myanmar people love Daw Aung San Su Kyi. She is the one who could have people’s trust as she devoted her life for the sake of her country in many ways. She did not let her country drown in poverty as some military leaders did. Even world top universities were impressed by her education, for which she has been praised. So that country needs her, especially at a time when we are trying to improve the country politically and economically. People believe that country will be prosperous if she becomes the leader of that country.


However, I personally, want to say that she should stop her one-women show. She should rather try to convince and go forward hand in hand with the ethnic groups, which she used to work with for over 20 years. She should gather the power of democracy with The 88 Generation Peace and Open Society, which supported her before. The most important thing is that she has to establish and produce a new generation by doing changes inside her party.


She needs to get ready before 2015 election for the sake of people.


Article translated from Irrawaddy by the Mingalapar Forum team


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