Deckchair: a Myanmar fable




I live with my family. We don’t have a special living room for visitors at home. So it’s obvious that we don’t have nice chairs to match the living room. We have only two chairs for venerable monks. The only nice one we have is a deckchair, but that one is supposed to be for my dad since he usually sits on it. It is empty when he is not at home. Then I sit on it those times, I spend time watching TV and reading or writing articles as I sit on it. Therefore, I can say that’s mine when dad is away and wish him to be away sometimes.


Actually that deckchair is really comfortable and adjustable. Deckchairs are not like chairs. Since you have to sit straight on chair, you get body ache after quite a long time seated on it. But deckchair is fine. You don’t need to straighten your body and you can just lie down on it.  Plus you might fall asleep. I noticed that quite a lot for myself or my dad.


I heard a story about a deckchair. You may believe it or not.


Once upon a time, there was a man who was diligently hardworking for his family. Then a neighbor was thinking to disturb him and stop him from working that much as he was cunning and jealous of his neighbor’s success. So, he planned to give him a deckchair as a present. He constructed it well and comfortable enough to be sat all day long. Since the time the diligent man got that deckchair, he did not work properly anymore. He sat and relaxed on it after working for a while. Then he became a lazy man.


See how deckchair is powerful enough to change your mind?


Although I do appreciate the person who invented deckchair, I want to complain a little bit. It makes me think that the inventor is a lazy bone or a mean man like the man from the story. We know the deckchair is much nicer than chair and can convince us to sit on it. It’s really cool for those who are worn out, but we need to consider not sitting on it for ages, as it’s able to make a conscious man to an unconscious man and make you fall asleep. It attracts diligent people to become dull and lazy. Besides you don’t want to share it with others!


Deckchair is suitable for those who are old and sick, but not for healthy, able young people. It’s a chair to stay away from for hardworking mankind.


But there’s an exception. You may sit on it IF you are able to control your mind, it’s just for a moment though. Otherwise, what if the deckchair won your mind……….??


Article translated from Eleven Media Group by Mingalapar forum team

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