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#3157 5 Festivals not to be missed in Myanmar

Posted by JaxGary on 02 August 2013 - 04:46 AM

Burmese new year, also called Thingyan (from the 13th to the 17th of April):


I had the great opportunity to attend this event in Yangon during one of my first stays there, and the less we can say about it, is that it is really impressive.

Seeing all the Burmese people participating to a gigantic water battle is not something everyone has the chance to do.


And here, there is no pity, whether you are dressed casually or in a suit, everybody pays the same price, which is watering, watering, watering until you are fully wet.

So you’d better leave all your electronic equipment at home (laptop, cell phone…) and if you need to carry your wallet around, be sure to wrap it up safely in a water tight bag cause that would be the last straw if your cash would be useless, especially in Myanmar.


So I go out of my hotel wearing a pair of jeans and a fashionable T-shirt, and I pray to be spared. I look over my left shoulder and I see a group of people throwing water at each other, on the right side then, I just see a kid with a bucket full of water.

I decide to wait wisely for a group to pass and as one would expect they are watered, as the youngster is filling his pail again, I have enough time to run through.


I walk for the few meters to the supermarket proud to be still dry (my intention was to buy some food) and suddenly I feel an awkward sensation of cold running through my body, I just got thrown a bucket full of iced water from the passenger of a car that was passing.


I understood that I had no choice but to be part of it, so I enter the shop to get myself a bucket as well and I leave the food for later.

In the end I spent the afternoon spraying people and having a lot of fun, until exhaustion.


I highly recommend you to attend at least once in your life to this awesome festival, which marks the beginning of the Buddist year, according to the lunar calendar. The ambience is just astonishing and everybody seems to be very happy.


In most countries, getting watered and watering everybody without differentiation, would most likely lead to conflicts and quarrels, but Thingyan is so anchored in Myanmar traditions and the people are so nice that it is always done with good humor.

The water is supposed to clean you from all the sins you’ve done in the past year, so that you can start the new year as pure as the snow.


The Tabaung full moon, festival happening in Mars from the new moon to the full moon :


I am lucky enough to be in Yangon when the celebrations of the Shwedagon pagoda occurred on the 26th of March 2013.

Arriving at the paya, it takes me at least five minutes to reach the top and the magnificent golden stupa. Once there, I’m already all sweaty and I pay five US dollars for the entrance fee (preferential treatment only awarded to foreigners).


I learn from a local touristic guide that it is one of the most sacred festivals in Burma.

During the month of March, most of the Myanmar temples have their own celebration for this religious revival, considered to be the most beautiful of the country.

I am also taught that this festival used to have a festive atmosphere with vendors and events all around the pagodas.

But what I notice has nothing to do with that. I can see thousands of indigenous praying, some of them even pouring some water on the hundreds of Buddha images circling the monumental Shwedagon stupa. Monks are singing and praying.


Astrologists are here too, and people are queuing up to listen to their good fortune. I am observing these age-old rituals and I feel at peace.


Ananda pagoda festival in Bagan, which generally occurs in January :


If you are in Bagan during the month of January, you shall not miss these ceremonials. It celebrates the famous Ananda pagoda, which is one of the most important in Bagan. If you want to know more about it, I recommend you to check this link http://mingalapar.com/bagan/ .


Since I am in Bagan with my old friend Florent, who dreamt of visiting Myanmar for years, we decide to take part of the festivities for the full moon.

While leaving Amazing Bagan, our hotel, we grab bikes, made available by the hotel for free and we start pedaling by night to cover the ten kilometers to Ananda.


But nothing less easy, our bicycles don’t have lights, so we ride with a flashlight in the hand in order to see in front of us, the road not being lighted at all, and to signal to the motorized vehicles on the way that we would like to stay alive.

After twenty-five minutes of an intense effort we finally reach our destination and it is simply breath taking.

In the middle of the ink black night, the pagoda appears as an oasis of light.


We leave our mount on the side of the road and start checking the dozens of stalls offering at us. We found food, beverages, handicrafts, souvenirs and everything that one would be looking for, all of that in a festive atmosphere, even if it is a bit messy.

We enter the temple and we see hundreds of people praying, there are go-ing and fro-ing everywhere.

While I enjoy a Burmese cake, Florent is bombarding the place with pictures; he will later confess that he had spent one of the most beautiful evenings of his entire life.


The lights festival, also called Tazaungdaing, in November :


I have to confess that it is one of my favorites.

It occurs during the month of November, the day of the full moon during Tazaugmone month, the 8th month in Myanmar calendar and it marks the end of the rainy season.

On this occasion, I found out that Yangon really put on its most remarkable feast fineries, and like for any other celebrations, where else to go but the Shwedagon.


On the forecourt of the temple I am witness of an unexpected robe weaving contest, one of the guides present there tells me that it started yesterday already and will continue during the night as well.

I’m not patient enough to see who will be the winner, so I wander around the stupa and I see hundreds of people presenting offerings to the monks. It looks like Christmas for them; indeed, the believers are bringing all sorts of gifts, news robes, food, toothbrushes and many more…


Then I decide to go back to the city and I am in awe when I realize that all Yangon is illuminated, numerous inhabitants are slowly walking in the streets with paper lanterns in hand, an otherworldly atmosphere reigns…


I have heard later that maybe the best place in Myanmar to attend this festival is Taunggyi where they hold a probably much more interesting hot-air-balloon contest, I may go there next year.


A Burmese wedding:


It’s not really a festival but I wanted to talk to you about it as it an essential part of the culture and it touched me.

My friend John, who leaves in Yangon for about 2 years already, invited me to his wedding with Burmese woman he met at work.

Before this day, I didn’t have the chance to met his future spouse, but I know he had the greatest difficulties to be accepted by the bride’s family.

So, I go to the celebrations that begin in the morning and in a room rented for the occasion I see my friend and his future wife magnificently dressed in a traditional Burmese outfit, offering gifts to a group of monks.

John explained me later that the intent of this tradition was to elevate their Karma but also to ask the monks for their blessing.

The date of the wedding was preliminary chosen by astrologists.


Subsequently, John took place on a cushion right next to his fiancée, a Brahman coming forward on the stage and starting to recite sentences beyond understanding for my more than limited Burmese.


The bride’s parents climb up on stage then and shake John’s hand as well as their daughter’s. Then come my friend’s parents, Elizabeth and Mike, I know them since my childhood, but they seem to be lost, the scene is quite surrealistic. Mike, moved to tears gives his son the alliance and Elizabeth gives her alliance to the bride, who bows low to show her respect.


Once the ceremonials are over, it’s time for the meal where countless dishes are served. I enjoy the food very much and I realize how lucky I am to be here, for this unique day in the life of one of my friends.


For those who would like to attend to a wedding in Myanmar, it may be possible to do so for a price, perhaps one of our dear readers would know more about it.

I remember that I was granted access to a Greek wedding in exchange of a small fee.

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#3925 Picture of our pets

Posted by giggs on 14 August 2013 - 10:53 AM

Hi guys,


I love pets, now I have a cat, but I used to have small marsupials sugar gliders when I lived in Bangkok. Unfortunately Couldn't bring them with me in China.  They have pouch like kangaroo and they can bark like small chihuahua. And of course they can glide. They love to eat chicken and worms; and at night they don't let you sleep as they are nocturnal. Anyway they are so lovely and cute.


Attached File  IMG_0305.jpg   115.23KB   0 downloadsAttached File  IMG_0304.jpg   116.92KB   0 downloadsAttached File  IMG_0044.JPG   126.95KB   0 downloadsAttached File  IMG_0048.JPG   147.84KB   0 downloadsAttached File  IMG_0921.JPG   52.85KB   0 downloads

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#5637 Looking for Old Friends

Posted by TruthTraveller on 04 October 2013 - 07:02 PM

Thank you for your offer to help me find my old friends.Their names are Taw Taw, Tin Hla, Tin Maung , Maung Aye and Maung MaungThey went to England as members of the Burmese Air Force in 1952. They spent one year in England learning English before travelling to RAF Locking in Somerset England to join the 75th Entry of Royal Air Force Apprentices, in September 1953, for three years training as radio technicians. They trained in Air Wireless and Air Radar for three years. Then I believe they travelled back to Burma. I have some photographs of them which I will post shortly. I also remember that when they had leave from their studies they often went to London as guests of the Burmese Embassy in London. Unfortunately I do not have any records of their service numbers.

Hi Mr. Terry, Good news! As you don't have any record of their service number, it is not easy to find them from the Quartermater General's office. But fortunately, I was happen to talk about yours with my friends today. One of my friends( she's 17 years older than me) father in law is a former Colonel and he have been to England in 1952/53. His name is ( U)Soe Min and there are two other that they went together to England. They are (U) Min Oo and (U)Maung Maung Aye. These three were from Army, Air-Force and Navy. Soe Min now live in Yangon, Min Oo is now in Australia and Maung Maung Aye is live in Pyin Oo Liwn ( May Myo). We assumed that Maung Maung Aye might be your friend. So I will let you know after I contact to him. And I will give Min Oo Facebook account soon. Hope you happy to read this news. :D
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#3370 Vehicle rental services in Myanmar

Posted by TruthTraveller on 05 August 2013 - 04:17 PM

Since the economy of Myanmar is fast growing, the sector of travel and tour is starting to get more demand and people need to go around the country for business or some people are also willing to plan their own trip using a private vehicle. So here are some information about renting vehicles in Myanmar.[/size]
There are many car rental services companies in Myanmar, but most of the visitors from abroad are used to rent vehicles from Yangon city mainly. And since the rental service companies of Yangon are more in touch with expatriates and local customers than in any other cities, they are more professional and usually provide better services.
The services most of the rental services companies provide are
1. Daily rental service
2. Monthly rental service
3. Round trip rental service
Daily Rental Service 
Prices for daily rent with a driver depend on the type of vehicle, model (year made) and condition. You will find a list of the different cars available and their prices below:
-   Sedan 4 seats, year made 2000 and above in good condition: 60,000 kyats a day
-   7 seats van like Toyota Hiace (Super Custom), year made 1996-2000 in good condition: 65,000 kyats per day
-   7 seats van, higher model, like Toyota Alphard, year made 2002 and above: 85,000 kyats a day
-   9 seats vans like Toyota Hiace (Grance Cabin G), year made 1999-2000: 70,000 kyats per day
-   Vans with 14 seats (Toyota Hiace Commuter, for example): around 90,000 kyats per days
The above-mentioned prices are only for the use of the car within Yangon area, and it is not possible to rent the vehicle for daily rental without driver. Most of the rental services companies do not provide this kind of services. Only some companies have daily rental service without driver for people who are very familiar with them or if the person has long-term relationship with the car renter as a customer.
The service hours in these daily contracts are mostly limited to 10 hours a day, beyond this service hour, 10% of daily rent will be charged per hour. Fuel, driver charge and driver’s expenses are included in the price of this rent already. But if you go to the industrial zone and for air-port transfer, you will be charged an additional 10% of daily rates. However, some rental services companies do not charge for that. So it is necessary to confirm whether they charge it or not before you settle the rent.
The daily rental prices in Mandalay would be around 70,000 kyats per day. The differences between Yangon rental services system and Mandalay is, fuel charge is not included in above-mentioned price of 70,000 kyats. You need to fill the fuel by yourself depending on the usage. Normally, 1 gallon of diesel fuel (4 liters) for 25 Kilometers is necessary.
Mandalay rental services companies mostly provide Toyota Hiace super custom and Sedan for daily rentals. 
For Nay Pyi Taw daily rental, they usually charge 15,000Ks to 20,000Ks more than Yangon daily rental prices. The reason why they charge more is that the distance between one place and another can be much longer in Nay Pyi Taw, so the fuel charge is indubitably higher than in Yangon.

Monthly Rental Service
There are two kinds of monthly rent basically. They are 
1. With driver service and
2. Without driver service

With Driver Service
Mostly all maintenance, accident and accidental damage are the responsibility of the rental services company. Only Fuel is on the hirer. Some rental services company allowed keeping the vehicle at hirer premises and some just take back the vehicle after working hours. The working hours are also 10 hours a day, 5 or 6 days a week. You will have to pay 1000 Ks per hour to driver as overtime charge for using the vehicle beyond working hours. 
Most of the available vehicles in car rental services companies are sedan type with 4 seats, low engine power 1300/1500 CC, Toyota Belta, Toyota Asista and Nissan Tiida Latio, year made 2007-2009. The price would be about 650,000 kyats to 700,000 kyats per month, included driver’s salary.
But there are also other types available, here is a non-exhaustive list with their prices, also included driver’s salary:
-   Mini-saloon vehicles, engine power 1000/1300/1500 cc, like Toyota Vitz, Toyota Passo, Suzuki Swift and Mazada Demio: 550,000 to 600,000 kyats per month.
-   High engine power vehicles (2000/2500/3000 cc), Toyota Mark II, Toyota Crown, Toyota Brevis, Toyota Verosa, Toyota Premio, Nissan Cedric or Honda Accord, year made 2000-2004: 800,000 to 850,000 per month
-   7, 9 or 14 seats vans are hardly available for monthly rental in most companies. Only Toyota Alphard 7 seats, year made 2001-2006 is available for monthly rental sometimes: price will be 1,200,000 kyats to 1,400,000 kyats per month with driver.
If you intend to use the vehicle to go outside of Yangon area, you have to negotiate with the rental company before you sign the contract because some rental companies charge for trips.
Without Driver Service
The rental services will require a deposit for car rentals without driver, but of course it is refundable at the end of contract, if there are no accident and accidental damages. Mostly, maintenance is in the responsibility of the hirer, but you can negotiate about it with Rental Company. Accidents, taxes and fines for disobedience to motor vehicles law are without surprise the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer can keep the vehicle at his/ her premises.
The prices and categories of vehicles are the same as I have mentioned above in the monthly rental with driver, you just need to reduce the price by 150,000 kyats for the driver’s salary from these prices.
There are not many differences between Yangon Rental services companies’ system and other cities like Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw rental services companies systems. The prices and provided vehicles are more or less the same. 

For foreigner, they will ask you the copy of your passport and visa for individual renting, and for companies or business renting, the certificate of business is needed. 
For local, the copy of N.R.C card, household registration, the certificate of property (i.e. - house, land) for individual renting, and the certificate of business for companies.

Round trip Rental Services

You can also rent cars with driver if you want to plan a specific round trip from a city to another, you’ll find a list of the usual journeys available below:
For Yangon - Golden Rock (Kyiek Htee Yoe), Yangon - Ngwe Saung, Yagon - Chaung Tha or Yangon - Nay Pyi Taw (round trip), the fares you can expect are as follows:
-   Sedan 4 seats: about 250,000 kyats.
-   Van 7 seats (Hiace): about 300,000 kyats.
-   Van 7 Seats (Alphard): about 400,000 kyats.
-   Van 9 Seats (Grand Cabin G): about 350,000 kyats.
-   Van 14 Seats (Commuter): about 500,000 kyats.
For Yagon - Bagan, Yangon - Taung Gyi (Inle Lake) or Yangon - Mandalay (round trip), prices would generally be 100,000 kyats higher, as listed below:
-   Sedan 4 seats: about 350,000Ks 
-   Van 7 seats (Hiace): about 400,000 Ks
-   Van 7 Seats (Alphard): about 500,000 Ks
-   Van 9 Seats (Grand Cabin G): about 450,000 Ks
-   Van14 Seats (Commuter): about 600,000 Ks
The rent includes fuel charge, driver charge, food and accommodation for driver and toll pass charge. The rental company will charge between 50,000 Ks to 100,000 Ks per day for extra days.

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#2390 Shin Mway Loon And Min Nandar(Burmese Romeo and Juliet)

Posted by Thet on 19 July 2013 - 01:43 PM

                                      THE STORY OF SHIN MWAY LOON AND MIN NANDAR

Long time ago,in the Kingdom of Okkalapa(what is now Yangon),there lived the king of Syriam.The king loved so much to his wife and also he wanted a baby of their own as they had no child.One day,the queen consort had pregnant.But unfortunately,she had died in child-birth.At the royal cemetery,the loyal ministers kept vigil near the queen's body,which would lie on its golden bier until the time came for its cremation.All was silence.Suddenly there was a sound like the cry of new-born baby came out from the queen's bier.People discovered there was a little child,still in her mother's womb,was not dead.The king was very glad to hear that he now had a daughter.But he couldn't took his daughter to the palace with him because this was the custom of country at that time-anyone who was born in the graveyard shouldn't live in the city.So the king built a palace for his daughter in the graveyard and named her Shin Mway Loon.People of this country believed the princess brought bad luck to the country.The poor princess grew up lonely and isolated in her palace guarded by maid-servants.

On the other side of the Thanlyin river,there lived the King of Dagon.He had only one son named Min Nandar,a handsome prince, much loved by people and the king.But the royal astrologers had predicted the prince would be killed by some creatures that lived in water.The kings of the nats felt very sorry for the prince and gave him a magic cane .The prince could summon all creatures living in the forests,in the sea and the rivers by using the magic cane.This cane was very useful for the prince and he became familiar with the king of crocodiles called Nga Moe Yeik.Nga Moe Yeik was a giant crocodile and the prince could summon him whenever he wanted.

After the prince heard about the beauty of Shin Mway Loon,he tried to visit her.He went down to the sea-shore and struck the ground three times.Nga Moe Yeik was appeared and offered to carry the prince across the river.The prince and the princess fell in love at the first sight.Then the prince went to the princess everyday across the river.Prince Min Nandar's father was furious that his son fell in love with a girl of bad fortune.He announced an order to all boatmen not to take the prince to the other side of river. This was no difference for the prince as he visited to his lover not by boat.As usual,he rode on the back of Nga Moe Yeik and came back to his palace at dawn before his father could find out.He also brought the magic cane with him together.

And the other crocodiles were jealous of their king,Nga Moe Yeik and wish to overthrow his despotic rule.They found out as long as Prince Min Nandar was alive,Nga Moe Yeik would continue to rule over them,so they decided that the prince must die.So,the crocodiles chose one female crocodile named "Ma Let To" to kill the Prince.This crocodile was in love with Nga Moe Yeik,but he already had a wife and ignored her seduction.So Ma Let To decided to kill the prince and also Nga Moe Yeik to get into trouble.

As all the crocodiles can change into human form,Ma Let To transformed herself into human form as her first step to kill the prince.She went to the Shin Mway Loon and served the princess because Ma Let to knew that the noble strength of Prince Min Nandar lied in his right arm and if one woman sleep on his right arm,he would face bad luck and get trouble.All the maids of the princess said to the Shin Mway Loon that Ma Let To smell was very fishy.But the princess was very kind and allowed her to stay.Ma Let To urged the princess to ask Min Nandar to let her rest her head on his right arm.The prince didn't allow to sleep at first.But the princess continuously asked the prince to let her sleep on his right arm.At last,the prince allowed her to do so.

At the end of the day,just as usual,the prince and Nga Moe Yeik were about to leave.It was the night that the crocodiles planned to attack their king.And the sky was full of dark clouds,thunder rumbled and a strom came up.Unfortunately,the prince forgot the magic cane in his palace.Without magic cane,the prince couldn't summon the creatures of the river.Both the princess and Nga Moe Yeik told the prince not to cross the river but the prince didn't listen.So,Nga Moe Yeik told the prince to lie in his mouth as he was giant crocodile.As they left,Ma Let To changed into her real form,stepped into the river and attacked Nga Moe Yeik.He was fought so long underwater with Ma Let To and also other crocodiles.Finally,Nga Moe Yeik fought all off and fell asleep on sandbank as he was exhausted.

When King of Dagon heard that his son had paid a visit to princess without magic cane.He seized the cane and struck it on the ground three times.So Nga Moe Yeik woke up and remembered that the prince was still in his mouth.He hastened to bring Min Nandar out of his mouth.But the prince was dead already.Nga Moe Yeik carried the dead prince to the King.Nga Moe Yeik was executed by the king.His wife buried his bones a few miles out of the city and built a pagoda over it.

When the princess heard the news of her lover,she died of a broken heart.Their funeral pyres were set up on the opposite banks of the river.The columns of smoke rose from each funeral pyre met at the sky and then turned into a rainbow.The people believed the two lovers were united in the heaven.

Some people believed Min Nandar died because of Shin Mway Loon.She slept on his right arm and that brought bad luck to Min Nandar.So there is a saying derived from this story, never let one woman to sleep on the man right arm.
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#1618 A woman looking for a spot to volunteering

Posted by TruthTraveller on 04 July 2013 - 02:34 PM

Hi Max,


  Thank you so much for your reply. Sure, I would like to share my experience about volunteering at the meditation center.

The center is located in Phayargone Village, Thanlyin division. It is not only the meditation center but there are wide ranges of people also. I met the head monk who founded this center since last 6 year. He taught me how to meditate ( observing how mind is naturally working). The center is quite different with other center in Myanmar. It's welcoming all kinds of people, any race, nationality, whether they are rich or poor, no matter how their personality is. There are old age, patients, orphanage and homeless.


I used to go as soon as I got my spare times. And now me and my Malaysian friend groups founded an educational support program for 10 kids from the village organized by the center especially for homeless. We provided 50,000 ks for a child per month and also some other edu needs like school uniform, bag etc.


The center named that village " Saytanar village" which means "good will ". There are over 2000 households and now also monastic school arrange by center is providing education for 600 kids. Me and my friend group arrange to provided Desks and Tables for them. And I used to cook some soup or food that suitable for patients and old ages at evening time. There are over 1800 resident Yogis there. And now I am planning to provide an English class which teachs Music and English for young kids.


  Sorry for my long letter Max. I am very keen to share my experience about the center.  Now I wish to know how other organization do their best to raise the education and awareness among the community. May be I can apply those experience to others who doesn't have in touch with those kind of things yet.





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#1578 Myanmar visa application in Bangkok

Posted by prismadelta on 03 July 2013 - 04:28 AM

Hi everyone, 


As promised two days ago, here is a report about my visa application I made yesterday at the visa service of Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, near Surasak.


So first to got there, take the BTS (Bangkok sky train) and get out at Surasak station, take exit number 3.

Attached File  1. Surasak station Bangkok, go out for Myanmar embassy.JPG   100.55KB   2 downloads Attached File  2. Exit 3 Surasak.JPG   101.56KB   0 downloads
Then as soon as you are down from the BTS platform, take the same direction as traffic, which should be on your right when you are walking. You should have the Mode Sathorn Hotel on your left.
Attached File  4. Walk along BTS line.jpg   114.5KB   0 downloads Attached File  3. Pass Mode Surasak Hotel.JPG   97.56KB   0 downloads
Continue walking and you should first pass Thanon Pramuan and Bangkok Christian college after that, before finally arriving at Thanon Pan, which is the street of the embassy.
Attached File  5. Pass Thanon Pramuan.JPG   113.11KB   0 downloads Attached File  6. Pass by Bangkok Christian College.JPG   94.6KB   0 downloads Attached File  7. Thanon Pan.JPG   121.36KB   0 downloads
Turn Left on Thanon Pan, walk a few meters and you are arrived at the Myanmar Embassy.
Attached File  8. Embassy of Myanmar.JPG   114.3KB   2 downloads
It took me ten minutes from the platform of the BTS to arrive at the embassy, and when I arrived there at 8:20 AM, there was only 4 people waiting.
Good thing I arrived early, by 9:00 AM when the embassy opened, there was already more than 30 people. But I was told that actually it is by far worse during the high season, and if you don't arrive there before 8:30 at last, you are good for a long wait before your turn comes.
One thing you need to know is that to apply for your visa, you must have 2 pictures, 1 photocopy of your passport and 1 application form duly filled.
But if you forgot to bring any of these, there are easy solutions around.
To have ID pictures, just walk down the street for about 50 meters and you will see on your left a sign a the entrance of a building, saying that you can take ID pictures. Just climb the stairs and you can have 8 ID pictures taken by an automatic machine just for 200 Thai Baht.
Attached File  9. Take pictures.JPG   97.51KB   0 downloads
When your pictures are taken, just head on the opposite side of the road, where you will see a yellow sign which says "copy, photo, myanmar visa services...". Enter this soi and on your right you will see a small shop, where probably other travelers are filling their application form.
Attached File  10. Visa application form.jpg   115.65KB   0 downloads Attached File  11. Visa shop.jpg   87.69KB   0 downloads
Go inside the shop and ask for an application form and a copy of your passport. They will make the copy of the passport for 3 Baht and give you a copy of application form for 5 Baht. 
They also have scissors and glue there so you can cut and stick your ID picture on your application form.
Attached File  12. Myanmar visa application form.jpg   87.28KB   0 downloads
Go back then to the Myanmar embassy, where a longer queue is waiting for you. Better having a friend alongside with you !!
Attached File  13. Going back to Myanmar Embassy.JPG   102.28KB   0 downloads
For those who weren't aware, the Myanmar Embassy visa service opens from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning and collection is from 15:30 to 16:30.
I didn't take pictures of the inside, I was not sure I would be allowed too.
But then it is pretty simple. When the embassy opens, you should go to counter number 4 where a person will check your file and if the file is ok, will give you a number and you just have to wait for your number to be called and go to the corresponding counter, to give your file and pay for the visa fee.
About the fee, it is 810 Baht to have the visa 2 days later, 1035 Baht for the next day and 1260 Baht on the same day.
Since I was not in a hurry, I just took the cheapest one and will pick up my passport tomorrow. 
I will try to take pictures if I can tomorrow when I go back and they will be posted here.

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#1554 Women cannot put golden sheets ?

Posted by ju ju mint on 02 July 2013 - 08:58 AM

hello Giana


Women can't put golden sheet on pagoda.

It is just only tradition and custom,and concerns nothing with religion

.Most burmeses are buddhist and so u can mix  them.So u can ask me what're  the differences.

According to tradition,long long ago, the burmese women wore the blouse that got them into a fix in the upper part of body and at the lower part ,they put on Longyi that was long and tidy cloth like skirt but it is not as convenient as skirt.

so their clothes made them difficult to put the golden sheet on the pagoda

.u know, most of pagodas and buddha statues are high and have to climb to some place to do that

firstly their clothes were uneasy to climb up and it was dangerous for them because they might fall down accidentally.

so,man usually did this sort of work .and later it became like a traditon.

it does not mean the kind of gender segregation by mean of religious.

the buddha did not point out that it is a punishment to reincanate into women in his way.

it is only false believe or misunderstanding among buddhists.

according to religion,buddha said that every man and women have the same rights and oppertunities to get to their paradise if they try best.

the women are traditionnally forbidden to enter the religious monuments and

this bad tradition will fade away soon if all of buddhist consider about the fact and they study about them precisely.

u may be bored with my explaination! sorry for my long post.

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#1155 Why Myanmar people use gmail and not hotmail

Posted by Maibpenrai on 17 June 2013 - 04:03 PM

I am not Burmese, but one reason could be that Hotmail Messenger was very popular a few years ago, especially in Europe and Us, so we all created hotmail address, it was more common to have a hotmail than gmail, we were all chatting on MSN, gmail was more used when we were looking for a job, giving his email address from gmail was more serious. For example jackietuning67@hotmail.com was a guarantee of getting no reply of the employer but Jackie,Pierre@gmail.com was much more professional.


At this time I guess internet was not very popular in Myanmar or developed, so now that the people can have easier access to internet in Myanmar,  I think they choose gmail address instead of hotmail, simply because the popularity of hotmail is gone, MSN-Hotmail messenger stopped last march 2013 and got merged with skype, since skype was bought by Microsoft, nobody has used hotmail messenger for the last 4 years (I think the last time I chatted on hotmail was in 2009). and with Facebook and Google+  getting more and more popular, hotmail couldn't resist.

So Burmese people who are members here must be around 20-30 years old, hotmail was popular 10-15 years ago, this young generation from Myanmar must be more familiar with Google+, so that's why they mostly got a gmail account instead of hotmail. We have hotmail because we are old  :D

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#9254 Festival of Tabodwe (11th month of Myanmar Lunar Calendar)

Posted by aster on 10 February 2014 - 03:53 AM

Dear Mingalagyis, 


February is famous in Myanmar for many reasons because of many memorial days for Myanmar citizen and traditional festival. February 12 is Union Day, February 13 is the birthday of General Aung San and February 14 is Valentine's day for the whole world. Accidentally , there is another Myanmar traditional festival on 14th February this year. According to Myanmar Lunar Calendar, this year, 14th February is full moon day of Tabodwe and it is famous for competition of Htamane-making. Htamane is made up of glutinous rice, coconut flakes, roasted peanuts, sesame, ground nut oil and fried ginger. 


The celebration of Full moon day of Tabodwe is different from one region to another. I would like to share a video of Tabodwe festival that was taken last year by one of my friends (Win Khant Maung). He was from Pyay and he made a short documentary video of Tabodwe festival in Pyay including Htamane-making competition and "Nyan Yoe" light offering ceremony which is only seen in the town of Pyay, Shwe San Daw Pagoda, celebrated in the meaning of 

-Torch Light offering to the Buddha

-Better wealth and developments throughout the whole country and

-Long-lasting, the glory of Buddhism.


This video was taken in last year, Full Moon day of Tabodwe (25th Feb, 2013). You will see  traditional Htamane-making competition and "Nyan Yoe" light offering ceremony in this video. Here is the link of the video. Don't forget to see the traditional festival of Tabodwe on 14th February, 2014. 


Enjoy the video!!!! :)


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#5003 50th Street Restaurant, Yangon: The Recipe for Success, An Interview with Mr....

Posted by IronLady on 11 September 2013 - 10:14 AM

Myanmar is a country that takes pride in its rich heritage and history. It has also been a melting pot for several cultures from neighboring nations such as Thailand, China and India and the merger resulted in what’s currently one of the most charming and enigmatic cultures in the whole world. In addition to this, Myanmar has an interestingly diverse and delicious cuisine that makes visitors ask for more. Tourists will find numerous dining options especially when they drop by Yangon where the 50th Street Cafe Restaurant and Bar is located.
The 50th Street Restaurant and Bar can be found at Merchant St., Botataung Township. Its interiors are accentuated with warm, rich and natural colors that make visitors feel at home instantly. The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. on Mondays to Fridays, and 10:30 a.m. on weekends. To learn more about the restaurant, Mingalapar forum interviewed Mr. Phil Black Wood, 50th Street’s manager.
Mingalapar forum: First of all, I would like to ask you the reasons that brought you to our country, specifically here in Botataung Township, Yangon.
Phil:  To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Myanmar before I arrived here. I was in New Zealand and I applied for job on a job website. Quite often when New Zealand people want to go to Europe, we travel to Australia first, get some money and then go to other countries. So this website was Australian-based and one of the owners of the restaurant was Australian. They advertised on that particular website. I saw it and I thought that it was an interesting opportunity to do a job that I know pretty well. But it’s a completely different environment. This is my first job working with people who speak English as their second language.
Originally the contract was for six months only. I didn't intend to stay in Yangon and was planning to go to Spain, but during the time I was here, I set some personal goals. Also, things in Spain were going a little downhill. That's always the first thing that happens in times of crisis, the first ones to get retrenched are the foreigners working when you have a lot of unemployment.
Like the company that I have worked for where I’ve been in another restaurant, at some stage I don't know when I’ll be going and what I’ll be doing after, the company I’m working for is building another restaurant and a hotel at the moment with other sorts of projects as well. A lot of interesting, interesting things are happening here so I decided to stay a little longer.
Mingalapar forum: What was your experience before this job?
Phil: Before I worked in a restaurant, I’ve been working in a hospitality business, but mostly part-time. I was a full-time Engineer before I came here in Yangon. I’ve been in the engineering field for five years in Wellington before I came here.  I just needed a change of scene, I guess.
Mingalapar forum: Why did you choose this location and what are the advantages of doing so?
Phil: Well, it felt like the place chose me. The restaurant was originally set up in 1997. It was originally open at the same time that a lot of overseas investors were thinking that they can make good business in this country especially in 1995 to 1997, but then the government policies changed and a lot of people lost lots of money. This place was very quiet for at least 10 years, but then in 2009, an English national named Anthony Odison came here. Mr. Odison was a managing director and he acquired this restaurant and renovated it. After that period, he reopened the restaurant and bar by the end of 2009. For six months, he worked here alongside his friend who was a chef. After another six months, they handed it over to me and off I went, trying to make some money.
Mingalapar forum: What do you think about the decoration of this restaurant? Why did the person who started this chose this kind of decoration?
Phil: I suppose you have to ask them that to know what they were thinking when they put up 50th Street Cafe. But we always get positive reviews for our interior decorations from people who usually come in to dine here. You can see that it was originally an all white wall. It makes for an interesting and neat background. At the time, it wasn’t our consideration to paint it all white but now it’s very popular. But there are some people who suggest that we add the bricks in the background and unique signs so that when they take their pictures inside our restaurant and make them their profile pictures on Facebook, other people would know that they have been in 50th Street Cafe.
I've always wanted to run a restaurant because it's very warm and welcoming. In addition, people can truly relax here in our cafe after a day of Yangon stresses and this is one of the things that separate us from all the other restaurants in the city. We put attention and high priority on our food quality.  We also thought of having elements of a bar in a restaurant so that people in big groups can enjoy the relaxing and comforting atmosphere as well.
A place like this is usually flocked by a lot of the travelling business guys. They can come to the bar by themselves and they can go to the pool table or meet other new guys and experience a general sort of interaction. Also, one of the interesting things I found was that some Burmese guys whom I befriended, would come in for the pool and find the activity to be a good opportunity to speak English. Maybe they haven’t travelled overseas or they’re not very used to knowing the nature of other nationalities.  So yes, it’s been very good. It makes a lot of business connection from very small transactions all the way to the multimillion-dollar deal. People are achieving it. It's quite cool.
Mingalapar forum: I want to know if it is complicated to open a restaurant, for the paper works and for you to get the license from the local authorities to operate this establishment.
Phil: I was not involved in that phase of the process, so I wouldn’t be able to tell. But a friend of mine is now trying to open a restaurant and he's finding it difficult to get the license. So I think things are changing, but still some things remain the same. It’s very difficult. I also know a new restaurant that opened last week and I think they were up to 13 months behind for the opening day and behind schedule. That really shows that opening a restaurant could be quite challenging especially for beginners.
Mingalapar forum: How about the preparation for the paper works? What do you think of that process?
Phil: As for that stage, I think the paper work is okay. It’s relatively easier to handle than the actual construction process itself. The restaurant opened last week, and I heard today that the chef has already quit. That’s just painful to experience.
Mingalapar forum: Really? Why?
Phil: Well, I just think that some of the restaurants tried to do too fancy. They even attempt to make the food look and sound extravagant without really paying close attention to the taste and quality. It’s all too fancy. Rather than just whipping up some nice solid the food that you can teach the local people to make, some restaurants just try to level up the standard by serving grandiose dishes. Sometimes, people are trying to reach too far. Aside from the food, they also need some qualified staff, which you cannot get here and if you bring those people in, that would cost a lot of money. It’s sort of working with the ingredients that you have. The ingredients to a successful business are the properties and of course, the human resources. The staff guys here are very good and it’s one of the keys to the success of this place.
Mingalapar forum: How do you think about our country’s opening? Do you feel it is a good opportunity to get a lot of new customers or do you feel that your business is in danger?
Phil: To be honest, there are really only 10-20 restaurants in Yangon that are of similar standards as 50th Street Cafe, I suppose. In this city where there are around five million people, that's not very much. In Bangkok maybe they have four hundred, five hundred restaurants. Since I arrived three and half years ago in this city, almost the same number of restaurants have opened and closed. People are finding it hard to operate and maintain restaurants. The rental prices are very high and the maintenance fees are also expensive. In addition, the management of the structures of these places requires one or two expats and maybe they require a little accommodation that could also cost a lot of money.
Mingalapar forum: So do you think this is a new opportunity for the right people who can handle this situation or not?
Phil: Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of people have enough understanding about the market. It seems like some of the companies from Laos, Cambodia or Thailand see opportunities in Yangon because they come and visit the place and they are trying to find similar features of the restaurants in their city. And when they can’t find it, they think that they can already establish their own restaurant here in Yangon but I personally think that it’s very hard to do that.
Mingalapar forum: How do you plan for your restaurant’s future, especially when it comes to parties and events? What message do you want to give to our readers and members?
Phil: I think the formula that we are using at the moment is very successful. Currently, I am finding different ways to improve on what we already have. This year we are doing a lot more themes and activities that aim to attract more customers in our restaurant. In fact, we held a Salsa Night last night and we will be holding a Jazz party tonight with some great jazz bands. Fridays are set to be band nights as well. We also tap and support some local markets. 
About three years ago, there was only one place like this and people come regularly but you cannot prevent them from getting bored with all the same old stuff so it’s nice to have something new and different every once in a while. We want the 50th Street to become a home away from home especially for our regular guests and expats. We want people to have some place to go whenever homesickness falls on them and they want to get a taste of the food they miss back home.
For example, Americans drop by our restaurant to grab burgers, pasta, fish and chips and other similar dishes. We also have a limited Burmese menu for the expats. We set that one up to make sure that that local people feel very much welcome. They can come down and enjoy the restaurant and bar like everyone else. And that also enhances the atmosphere having the Burmese people the same. I’d like to think that when people open the door and they walk into 50th Street, they can leave some of the worries behind and just interact with other people. We serve a lot of things that cater to the wants of the people. Take for instance, we found out that the Burmese customers like pizzas and it’s interesting, because cheese, which is the big part of pizza is not a big part of Burmese diet. It’s very good indeed!
Mingalapar forum: What would you recommend the best food and cocktails of your restaurant to our readers?
Phil: Where are the readers from? That’s important so I’ll know which ones to recommend based on their places of origin.
Mingalapar forum: From the forum and from overseas and from our country, local people and expats. They exchanged their knowledge and experience on the forum. So what would you recommend for them?
Phil: Being the manager of the restaurant and bar, I’d say that everything in 50th Street is good. But we are especially proud of our Steak. I am from New Zealand and we have a big farming community that produces great food like the steak. Our restaurant serves a wide array of steaks such as beef steak, lamb steak, T-bone and many others that were dubbed as delicious and nice. I have one of my friends from Australia and he tried the Myanmar Beef Curry. He loved it and recommended that we include that dish on the menu. We also serve traditional foods like English Fish & Chips. We were surprised when we observed that the Saudi community eat Fish & Chips every day. People try and ask what style of food we have here at 50th Street, Italian, French or American food? Well, I just tell them that we serve world food and we try to bring the best parts of various cultures.
The way out menu is set up, it has been flexible and when visitors bring in a group of people, we try to give them a really nice meal to suit their budget across the board because we know that not all people earn lots of money just to be spent on a good meal. Customers can choose what they really want.
Mingalapar forum: What would be your favorite Burmese food?
Phil: I love so many Burmese foods but my particular favourite is the Rakhine Seafood. Whenever my friends come to Yangon, I take them to the Rakhine Seafood Restaurant at Parami. The  Shan Noodle Lunch Time is also quite cool.
Mingalapar forum: Why will you recommend the 50th Street Bar to our reader?
Phil: I want to recommend the 50th Street Restaurant and bar because it's a nice, honest, solid place to be comfortable and relaxed. It will also fill your tummies with good food and has a calming atmosphere that can help people unwind at the end of the day. Whether you’re business people or tourists, it’s the ideal place to dine. The tourists usually hate feeling hot at sweaty and they’d like the air-con and cold beer at 50th Street.  They can come back, sit down and relax here. This restaurant comes with the wi- fi so you can connect to the Internet and check your e-mails or log in to social networking sites. People can also watch a popular sporting event while eating here so it seems to cover all the places.
Mingalapar forum: That would be a very nice experience for tourists and locals visiting Yangon! Thank you very much for your time and for allowing us to get a glimpse of what’s inside the 50th Street Cafe. We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon, Mr. Wood!
Phil: Well, you’re welcome anytime to visit here and I also want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Don’t forget to drop by our restaurant and to have a taste of all our specialty dishes that you will surely love.
Attached File  pool-table.JPG   71.12KB   1 downloadsAttached File  50th-street.JPG   73.07KB   1 downloadsAttached File  band.jpg   208.48KB   1 downloadsAttached File  bar-area.JPG   75.15KB   1 downloads

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#4704 Help needed! Project Mingalapar: Burmese podcast online

Posted by TS33 on 03 September 2013 - 10:25 AM

Dear all members,

we are in process to create a website with Burmese lesson online and we are looking for some Myanmar national people to work with us.

The website will feature lessons, short videos and exercises.

You are qualified if:

- You love to teach.

- You are creative.

- You have good command in English.

This is a part time work and you will be able to manage your time.

Salary is based on number of lessons you create.

For those who don't know me, I have a long experience in education as I'm the manager of a language center in Bangkok.

Please join us in Mingalapar project and help us to create the largest English website in Myanmar.

If you are interested, please contact me by private message.






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#3484 Idiomatic expressions in Burmese ?

Posted by soewintmon on 06 August 2013 - 05:27 PM

hello ,

I would like to apologize first , I am not fluent in English .But I would like to translate as soon as I can for foreigners who interested in our country and language.

But according to my English skill I choose only Myanglish section ;) . First

"there is a snake in the grass", to say that there is something not normal happening = mway kite pyi  !

mway = snake , kite = bite , pyi = postpositional marker following a verb indicating either that such action is taking place (eg. he is coming = thu lar nay pyi

thu=he , lar= come , lar nay pyi = is coming )

 "take the bread out of somebody's mouth", saying that you are taking away their mean of living/earning = sar khwat luu tar

sar = ( verb = eat)  in other word = something to eat

khwat = a bowl

luu = take by force, rob

tar =particle suffixed to verbs and adjectives to form nouns

  I am sorry for translating only two sentences. Our language have too many idiomatic words that`s why I can only translate two sentences.I hope other people will reply for you more better translation than me ^_^  ^_^  ^_^ 

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#3060 Burmese funeral tradition

Posted by Thet on 31 July 2013 - 05:12 PM

In Yangon,mostly use cremation.But the burial way is more common in other small cities that I lived.May be that is because of in Yangon,cost of burial is very expensive compare to other cities.As far as I know,the rich never use cremation. "Gadaw ga" literally means ferry toll.A coin called "ta-mat" or "mat-sae"(25 cents) use as "gadaw ga".I like to collect coins and so if you want to see what it looks like,look here.This coin was produced in 1991Attached File  25 cents(1991).jpg   315.24KB   0 downloads and another one was produced in 1965Attached File  25 cents(1965).jpg   296.56KB   0 downloads. And yes,the family will get flowers or money but it depends on the situation.For example,if the deceased family members are poor,(instead of spending money on flowers)people offer money to support the cost of funeral.If the grieving family is rich,there is no need to support money.And so,people offer flowers.In villages,they sometimes offer food or stuff like condensed milk tin, candles, fruits or offer something that can be useful for the deceased family. Sorry to everyone if I made sth mistakes.Because I'm not familiar with Burmese tradition as I'm not growing up in Burmese community.As Aster said,this is my best knowledge about Burmese funeral tradition.

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#1941 Burmese Lunch With Foreigner Friends At Monsoon Restaurant Yangon

Posted by TruthTraveller on 12 July 2013 - 06:57 PM

When we visit to the places of different culture, we always would like to taste the foods and atmosphere of it. Even for a native of this country, when we visit to a place we've never been before, we love to try the original taste of native cooking. We used to eat Shan food in Yangon but we still would like to try the original taste of Shan food when we are in Taung Gyi or Inle. So it is no need to argue that the foreigners would surely love to try our traditional Burmese food at least one time.


  I have some foreigner friends who would like to try our Burmese food and they ask me which place is my recommendation. There are some famous Burmese restaurants in Yangon but we choose Monsoon restaurant as it is located in good location, downtown area, less traffic jams road to it and easy to find for my foreigner friends. Monsoon restaurant is not emphasis on Burmese food but I considered it is the best place to bring the foreigner for the first time taste. So we choose this place for our lunch.


Attached File  Facade Monsoon Yangon.JPG   123.98KB   0 downloads


On the date of lunching, I tried to be an earliest one to reach there to wait for my friends. When I reached there at 12:40, it was raining heavily. My unbrella was quite wet when I got outside of taxi. I saw a man standing in front of the restaurant's door, his face welcoming me and help my wet umbrella to be in the umbrella basket. The restaurant's door was open and a man welcoming me with sweet smile and politely asked me " How many person Madam?" to arrange the table. I said " Four" and he came along with me and showed me the table.


  They served with a plate of peanut while they were putting the menus on the table. It was still early according to our appointment time, so I decided to order something to drink first before my friends arrive. I asked the waiter " What kinds of tea available here" and he explained about the herbal tea which is good for health and other ordinary Myanmar tea. I was quite satisfied with his explanation and I ordered Myanmar Green tea, cost 1000 ks.


  I got my tea pot on the table after 10 minutes. I felt it's little bit delay to serve a pot of tea but they seems very busy as there were around 12 tables of customers for lunch. All tables on ground floor were full of customers at that time and some new comers also went up stairs. I think it's around 20 tables totally and the decoration is more looks like a dinning room. There is  a bar of liquors, fresh juices and coffee at the corner of the restaurant too. I became a little bit bore to be alone in the middle of crowd, so I read some advertisement on the table. It is about first Myanmar red wine and white wine. I thought to myself " If expatriates love to try Myanmar food, perhaps they would love to try Myanmar wine too."


Attached File  Ground floor Monsoon restaurant yangon.JPG   127.92KB   0 downloads Attached File  Bar Monsoon restaurant Yangon.JPG   130.56KB   0 downloads Attached File  1st floor Monsoon.JPG   106.8KB   0 downloads 


  After a while, my friends has arrived and we started to order for our lunch. It is much fun to listen their lovely pronunciation whey they try to read our Burmese curry names. Finally, We ordered Chicken curry ( Kyet kar La Thar Chet), Pork with bean paste curry ( Wat Pone Yay Gyi Chet) as main dishes and also Egg Plant Salad ( Kha Yan Thee Thote), Tea Leaf Salad ( La Phat Thote) and Sour Soup ( Chin Yay Hin Cho).


Attached File  Burmese lunch Monsoon Yangon.jpg   130.86KB   0 downloads


Withing 40 minutes, our ordered curries were set on our tables and it's looks Yummy for me. We got four chops of meat for chicken curry mixed with Gourd, pounded Garlic and Onion. It is quite strange for me that they put Lemon Grass as spice in this curry and it is not the way of other Burmese restaurants and we, ordinary folks cooking style at home. For my friends, they said " it is not so spicy and not bad" for this one. To be honest, the taste is not my favorite but it is still eatable. The prices is a bit expansive for me as they charged 5800 Ks and cannot compare the prices of other Burmese restaurants for a bowl of this curry. Pork curry was fit to my mouth and one of my my friends loved it too. It is cooked with bean paste, whole Onion and Garlic. But one of my friend said " It is not even a curry, It's just bean paste". I laughed when I heard it. I cannot argue that he is wrong because that curry they served was only looks like bean paste as it was less pork chops and more gravy. They charge 5800Ks for it too. I think you would be understood this is also expensive and cannot compare to other restaurant as I have mentioned above.


Attached File  Chicken curry Monsoon restaurant Yangon.JPG   126.14KB   0 downloads Attached File  Pork with bean curry Monsoon reastaurant Yangon.JPG   127.86KB   0 downloads Attached File  Eggplant salad Monsoon restaurant Yangon.JPG   116.01KB   0 downloads Attached File  Laphet Thok Monsoon restaurant yangon.JPG   119.4KB   0 downloads


  Egg Plant Salad and Tea Leaf Salad were cost 2900 Ks and 2500 Ks respectively and they are just OK. But from my opinion as a Burmese, they should put more oil and a bit lime juice in Tea Leaf Salad. One of my friends said the taste of Tea Leaf Salad is slower to react on his Tongue than Thai Papaya Salad. He said it will take times to catch the real taste of it. And I agreed with him because I am also Thai Papaya Salad lover and I felt the taste of it is stronger and easy to react on human's tongue than our Tea Leaf Salad. Roselle Sour Soup was fine and all of us accepted its taste. They charged 2900 Ks for it. The cook of Monsoon restaurant is smart enough to adjust the taste of Burmese curry for foreigner's mouth.


After all of this, we end up our lunch with Myanmar Dessert, Coconut Sago ( Ohn Noe. Thar Gu) and Shwe Kyi ( Sa Nwan Ma Kin). The tastes were not so sweet and I like them.


Attached File  Coconut Sago Monsoon Yangon.JPG   106.31KB   0 downloads Attached File  Shwe Makin semolina cake Monsoon restaurant Yangon.JPG   149.11KB   0 downloads


  The lunch cost us about 40,000 Ks and to review over all of this, it is not so bad to its standard, cleanness and their services. Monsoon still on the list of restaurants for me to bring my foreigner friends if we are in downtown area and to serve the people with class. But if you are a real Burmese food lover and really want to taste the original Burmese style cooking, I'd rather recommend other Burmese restaurants than Monsoon.


Awbur Nyan



Attached File  Monsoon Map.jpeg   76.35KB   0 downloads

Monsoon restaurant & bar

85- 87 Theinbyu Road, Botataung Township, Yangon Myamar.

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#1723 Best Burmese movies ?

Posted by IngridIngyin on 07 July 2013 - 03:13 PM

Hi there Max,


Can't really tell you what are the best Burmese movie, didn't see much and didn't understand since the ones I saw are not dubbed or are without any subtitles.

One thing that surprised me in the movies I watched; actually most of them were in the bus, on the way from one place to another; you can find the same actors in many of the movies. Out of maybe eight or ten Burmese movies, I saw some of the actors 3 or 4 times and even more if you consider some of the trailers broadcasted.


So, sorry I add a question to your question, but is it usual for Burmese actors to play in many movies? Are there few regular actors ? Or was this a pure coincidence and I saw movies with very famous actors, which would explain the several apparitions ?


Thanks to all Burmese members to enlighten us ;)


Burmese movies in the past years were very good. But nowadays, the quality of movies getting suck and the value of art has been disappearing in our movies. That is the truth which is bitter. Most of movies shown on cinemas are funny movies but they are not funny at all for me. There are few drama movies on cinema but people don't watch them much as we can guess what would be like the ending and they are always boring. The audience of funny Burmese movies are even more than drama movies. For me I hardly watch Burmese movies at cinema because I feel like it is time wasting. 

Here are some famous movies I know which have been popular till now.

1)Yadanarbon (black and white movie)

2)Tain Hlwar Moh Moh Lwin (black and white movies)

3)Thingyanmoe (full colored movies) 


There is one good movie which was on cinemas recently. Name is " Pan Kyar Wut Home ". I think it a good movie with English subtitle.

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#1693 Myanmar's monks draft law banning marriage between a Buddhist and a Muslim

Posted by TruthTraveller on 06 July 2013 - 07:39 AM

I don't interested about the whole story of conflict between Muslin and Non- Muslin.

But this kind of rule is not about Buddha teaching. Buddhism is very democratic religion.

As a true follower of Buddha, as a person who really adore and trying to build his/her life with Buddha teaching, would not interested to blame other religion or person or situation.


There is law of Karma (cause and effect) in Buddhism. If a person really believe in law of Karma, there's no reason to blame on an effect for a person which is cause by his/her own cause. All we have to do is to teach the Buddhists about real Buddhism. Besides the teachers also really need to understand what really Buddha taught us. As long as we believe and adore Buddhism deep inside our heart, there's no need to scare or to convince other by force.


The essence of Buddhism is, to abandon the ego, selfishness and self centering. After all of this, to obtain the real enlightenment, the real liberation (Nibbana). Since there is no self, no You and no I, there is nothing to fight for a title. Religion, Wealth and Protection race is just a title. In fact people just fighting for their ego. Those kind of things is such a mask of ego.

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#1680 Myanmar Is Dreaming

Posted by TruthTraveller on 05 July 2013 - 04:27 PM

Every human have ever dreamt almost every night when they sleeping in their daily life. Sometimes it is very wonderful and dreamer still wanted to keep on dreaming even after he woke up. But sometimes it is just a night mare, just want to wake up as soon as possible or waiting for somebody to wake dreamer up. Nevertheless, a dream is just a dream. Even if a dreamer dreamt that he was a richest man in the whole world, it would not be turn into reality unless the dreamer tries to wake himself up and make it come true.


Myanmar is a dreamer, represent all of the children who cannot spell their hobby and aim, all the parent who hardly struggling to earn money in the hope of their offspring who do not have a certain future, the students who try to study but they can never remember what they have been learned, they youth who do not have a clear understanding about their life and the rich who try to bet a huge amount of investment on unfair games which ruled by the other side only and those who grown up and settle their life in this land. As a dreamer can never figure out where he is, Myanmar also does not know where she is and get lost. In dream, a dreamer was encountered very pleasant moment that he would never let go but suddenly the situation has changed and cannot even find where the pleasant moment is. Myanmar may have a very nice moment at that time but in a sudden, Myanmar's future and life can be turn into a sad drama. Myanmar is scare for insecurity. Can find a symptom of Phobia in Myanmar's eyes. Myanmar getting weak for running with all potential she has just in a dream. Myanmar thought herself as a weak person just because she never get a chance to know how much she is powerful. As eager as a dreamer long for someone to wake him up from a night mare, Myanmar also longing for savior to wake her up and handed her into bright sunlight. But Myanmar's hope was wrong. It is not about waiting someone to save her from a scary hopeless things just by lying in bed. It is only about a revolution to Myanmar's own thought, just counting on somebody else.


  Myanmar fall asleep and is dreaming for a long time. But it is time for awaken. And no one will come and wake Myanmar and no other can do this. Only Myanmar, herself. There is Buddha saying "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."

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#1581 Download the forms for the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok

Posted by Maibpenrai on 03 July 2013 - 09:18 AM

Hello members,


If you want to do your visa to go to Myanmar, at the embassy in Bangkok, here are the forms you can download :


Application form for Business visa : Attached File  myanmarformbusinessvisa.pdf   415.24KB   201 downloads


Application form for Tourist Visa : Attached File  myanmarformtouristvisa1.pdf   358.01KB   181 downloads - Attached File  myanmarformtouristvisa2.pdf   207.72KB   116 downloads



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#1510 Want to make new Burmese friends in Yangon

Posted by TS33 on 28 June 2013 - 09:48 AM


I'm TS 33, I'm one of the admin in Mingalapar and I'm going to Yangon next week from 6th of July to 13th July.

I would like to meet and make new friends there.

I'm sorry but my Burmese language is very limited so I hope you guys can speak English :D .

Please message me and hope we can meet up for a coffee or a meal.




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