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I'm visiting Bagan and would like to know a few things about this beautiful ancient city:


- Where do people visiting Bagan usually stay (Old Bagan, New Bagan, Nyaung-U...), is there any particular street or area that is recommended? I'm looking for a location convenient to visit the main temples, or at least there are food stalls, markets or some nice road to walk around at night (is it even advisable to walk around Bagan at night?). If anyone knows a good place to stay pls recommend.


- I heard from some friends of mine that we have to pay a kind of entrance fee (10 or 15usd), only once, to get access to all temples in Bagan. One went there early last year by air and she said the fee is mandatory at the airport (everybody getting off the plane had to pay this fee). Another came last December and said she paid this fee to a guide. So I'm a little confused...

Anybody to check the ticket at each temple?


- Which is better to get around in Bagan: horse cart or bike? I don't know if the temples are too far from each other, or the road condition...

(and for horse cart & bike, anybody knows the usual price for a whole day rent?)


- Finally, besides the temples, is there any interesting place I should visit? (or restaurants, shops, area for walking/relaxing etc.)


- Any interesting things for souvenir here?


I'd appreciate any information to help me get around and enjoy my time in Bagan.

Thank you very much.



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Hey Kyn,


I think there has been many posts about Bagan that you could check on the forum, go to Destination and Bagan (Nyaung U) subforum and you'll find quite some tips about Bagan: Bagan travel forum

Another one interesting is a bit harder to find since it's in Introduce yourself subforum, but Billy gave some useful indications about the main places in Myanmar: Tips about travelling to Myanmar


Then, as for your specific questions, I think the best place to stay if you want to be close to the temples, is Old Bagan, but then don't expect to have any kind of entertainment, apart from what is provided at your hotel. Then choosing between New Bagan and Nyaung U also depends on what you are searching. Nyaung U you will definitely have the most restaurant and entertainment available, even though it is really not extensive. And in New Bagan, you will be a bit closer from the temples and from Myinkaba (the lacquer-ware village) with some choice for restaurants as well. But don't expect any parties in Bagan at all.

A good point for Nyaung U, is that you can visit the Shwezigon from there, which is a beautiful golden Pagoda.


For souvenir, the must is the lacquer-ware, which can be at times very expensive. Depending how beautiful you want your souvenir to be or who you want to offer to. Sand painting is also an option and you can find it often around the temples.


Horse cart over bike depends on your physical condition and how far you are from the temples. Roads are mostly sandy, so not always the easiest to ride, but for me it is the best option for one day, you can cover a lot of the temples while stopping whenever you want, your thigh will be terribly tired at the end of the day though (cannot cycle two days in a row). Horse cart is a nice way as well, traditional and less exhausting, but difficult to ask the driver to stop everywhere for a photo. Prices are around 3000 kyats for bike (or free in some hotels) and horse cart should be 25000 kyats for a day (8-10 hours max).


Ticket is mandatory and cost now 15 USD, but there is nobody to check it if you arrive by road to Bagan, there are even not any counters to sell these tickets as far as I know. They will do check of the tickets at sunset in Shwesandaw though, and maybe in other popular sites. So maybe you will have to pay, maybe not. If you don't go to popular temples at peak hours (sunset and sunrise to a lower extent) you most likely will not pay. But in this case, just donate to some of the temples, these temples need to be maintained if future generations would like to witness their beauty as well.


How much time do you have in Bagan for other activities? Shopping lacquer-ware can take some time if you want to compare prices and styles.

Some activities that will take longer would consist on going to Mount Popa or other attractions around, but half a day or a full day is needed.


Hope this helps, ask more if you need.

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