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Myanmar future


Future, the time far away, is kind of unpredictable.


Then who had the idea to create the future, the beautiful future? And also how will it be created. Well, let’s see why developed countries and poor countries, or countries which have civil wars, are different. The answer is clearly visible, it’s because the way developed countries experienced the past is different from the way we did. Their opinions and approaches were totally different.


Although no one knows what will happen next, we could guess it by considering from different sides, better to start from now on.


“To get a peaceful future for a country and its citizens, it’s necessary to consider all the aspects, views and issues.


There were many examples of how our country has gotten down day by day: kings from old dynasties were very fond of authority and wealth. Then we lost country’s independence. The weakness of agreement between nationalities led to civil wars. And wrong views on country’s development and tactics put our country at the last rank, below any other countries. Controlling the country’s crisis by using military also led to break Myanmar.


These are the connections between past and present Myanmar.


So we need to consider the present situations of our country from now on, and take it seriously as well.


Our citizens are willing to improve their mother country, and have good ways to, but unfortunately they usually have to follow the way the leaders (who are controlling laws) do, although they don’t want to.


Therefore when we talk about the future of the country, we must think systematically. Not only for the sake of country, for the citizens’ future as well. Then we will be able to enjoy the true happiness. Otherwise we will suffer from a bad future.


I believe that no one can stand alone since we all depend on each other, helping and sharing in our surroundings. Everything lives in balance. For example, we get crops, which we can’t grow without the farmers; likewise we get health tips that we wouldn’t know without the physicians. In this way, everybody plays an important role as they build the unseen future together.


To summarize this article, I want to say that it’s extremely important to be fair and square as well as to give birth to those ideas that can create beautiful future for Myanmar.


Article translated from Eleven Media Group by the Mingalapar Forum team

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