Geopolitical strategy in Myanmar: Game against Powers



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It’s important for today’s Myanmar to dance tactically against powerful dancers. If not, you will suffer. It’s simple!


Myanmar is situated between India and powerful China, which is the only country capable of challenging the USA, the most powerful country on the planet. If the USA can have a control over Myanmar, it becomes much easier for them to approach India and China. Furthermore, Myanmar’s coast is along the Indian Ocean, which plays a vital role in the World’s economy and have access and control of this coast can bring numerous economical benefits. Myanmar is situated in such an important and strategic place.


Well, when we talk about China and the USA, we can consider Japan as well. Japan is in close diplomatic relation with USA. As the competition is getting stronger against China, Japan puts more effort to get close to the USA. The USA’s diplomatic mission with China was formerly to put Russia down, but since China got powerful, the USA plans is now to defeat China. As far as I know, the way they use to defeat is to get close to the surrounding countries near China. Vietnam, Taiwan and India don’t hesitate to join with the USA since those countries usually keep an eye on China’s strength for years.


Then it comes to our country, Myanmar. Since China is close to only one ocean (the Pacific Ocean), they need Myanmar to get access to another ocean (India Ocean). Thus, for the USA, to reduce China’s strength over this part of the world, they know they have to approach Myanmar in order to pull the rug from under China’s feet.


China is going to construct a port in Kyauk Phyu, Rakhine State, not very far from Sittwe, Rakhine. India is going to build another port. The pipeline, which will pass through Myanmar, will later become China’s lifeblood. It is important to the USA as much as to China.


The diplomacy between Myanmar and the USA is getting broad after Myanmar spread its wings. Then the tactful USA spread its wings broader, approaching Myanmar from different ways. It seems that Myanmar’s military officers might go and study in American Military University now.


In olden days, Myanmar looked very nice to all countries, but it’s not definitely right. Myanmar was stern to western countries; it then led our country to get close to China. Nowadays, western countries approach Myanmar more than before because they can see the numerous reforms and changes in the country. Now Japan, which has close ties with western countries but still maintains the eastern customs, is improving its diplomacy and partnership with Myanmar, although it used to keep itself away from Myanmar before. They are now helping with budget and peace process for the country.


Thilawa economic zone will be established by Japan. Although, Sino-Burmese relations went very well before Myanmar stopped the Myit Sone dam project, Japan took good care of their relation with Myanmar. But China is still the main economic partner of Myanmar. And Myanmar can’t go away, saying that they don’t want to live near China.


Plus, India is an important country and partner to Myanmar as well. There are so many cultural and religious connections between both countries. While powerful countries is approaching developing India, Myanmar also should keep track of their neighbor’s development and find the strategies to develop as India. But what we notice so far is that India is approaching Myanmar to get its piece of the cake as well, in its own interest.


China is going through lifelong improvement, not just for short term. They can maintain an economic growth for hundreds years. Also the USA can maintain its position as “the most powerful country in the world” for over 70 years. Those are not coincidences. This happened because they are smart!


Well, to summarize it, Japan which is not a young kid, can keep up with western countries among Asian countries. India which is as big as a giant, is trying to become a world top country. The USA, we don’t need to mention its strength.


It’s no doubt to say there’s no weak one in this game, except Myanmar. Every player is a talented dancer. Therefore Myanmar needs to be able to dance tactically to be able to demonstrate its beauty in the future.


Article by the Mingalapar Team

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