Happy birthday General Aung San

General Aung San portrait

Myanmar citizens have cherished General Aung San, Father of Myanmar Independence, even long after his death in a tragic incident that saw him along with 6 political leaders assassinated on the 19th of July 1947. For his struggle and fight against oppressors, may they be Japanese or British, and for his fight for Burmese independence that happened on the 4th of January 1948 just a few months after his death, Bogyoke Aung San will be in the heart of citizens of Myanmar for ever. That is why, every year on the 13th of February, people all around the country honour him and celebrate his birthday as if he was still with them.


February 13th, 2016 would have been General Aung San 101st birthday, and he would be proud that today his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi, political leader of NLD political party and recent winner at the national election, would follow his legacy of fighting oppression. He was the kind of true leader that you find only once in a century or more and Myanmar people haven’t found anyone like him yet. His speeches still inspire us today whenever we read or listen to them. He gave everything he had to the country but he never took any benefits from it. He was the leader who disgusted corruption and loved truthfulness. He was a one in a million type of leader.

Singing for General Aung San

Students singing in memory of General Aung San in Mandalay Technological University

People celebrate General Aung San’s birthday in many ways. In schools and universities, students have debate, essay or poem contests. University students write songs to honor him and sing on his birthday. People have singing contests in the community were people sing songs about him. Literature Speech ceremonies is also a common way that people celebrate his birthday. Famous authors and poets lead the ceremony to give literature speech to the audiences and poets read out the poems. But where Aung San’s birthday is celebrated the most is in his home town called Nat Mouk in Magwe division.


General’s favorite food was flat bread and chickpea, therefore people usually make donation of flat bread and chickpea in the community. You can easily find this Myanmar breakfast in most of teashops around the country. Young people are more imaginative and wear printed T-shirts of General Aung San for his birthday. The t-shirts are usually white with a red printed picture of General Aung San on it, white representing his purity, honesty, and trustworthiness, and red representing the blood that he sacrificed for the country.

General Aung San favourite food

Flat bread and chickpeas, Aung San’s favourite food. – Photo credit: http://overlandundersea.com/travel-blog/myanmar-food/

Even the World’s Kids’ day has been changed to February 13th in Myanmar to honor General Aung San, and for the younger generation to remember what he did. The international World’s Kids’ day is the first Monday of October officially and in most countries of the world, but the United Nations agrees that any country celebrates on a day it suits it best. We have been celebrating World’s Kid’s day on his birthday since 1956 and World’s Kids’ day being a day on which we honor the children who are the future of our country and our future leaders, there is no better day than the greatest Myanmar leader’s birthday.


He always stays in Myanmar people’s heart and we will never forget his sacrifices and hard works for our country. He was killed but he is still alive in our memory. He is the Father of Independence, and he is our father. We are glad and blessed that he was born on this special day in our country. Happy Birthday General Aung San!!!!

YANGON, MYANMAR - JAN 14, 2015. Monument of General Aung San with his horse in Yangon, Myanmar. He's considered Father of the Nation of modern-day Myanmar.

YANGON, MYANMAR – JAN 14, 2015. Monument of General Aung San with his horse in Yangon, Myanmar. He’s considered Father of the Nation of modern-day Myanmar.

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