How to go and what to do in ChaungThar beach


ChaungThar beach view


Do you know what kind of place can adjust the weather to your needs? They act like a cool person when the weather is hot and act like warm mother when the weather is cold. I believe that you can guess what it is.


You got it I am speaking about beaches!! Going to the beach in summer make you feel a little bit cool and in winter, make you feel warm compared to the main land area. There are a lot of beaches in Myanmar to visit, including the famous Ngapali beach, New Ngwe Saung beach and Chaung Thar beach. Among them, Chaung Thar beach is the easiest to access, as it is located in Pathein city district, which is not far from Yangon.


So, how to get there from Yangon? If you want to save time and want a convenient mean of transportation, you can hire a car with driver but it will cost more compared to bus. For the ones who want to take the bus, you can get a bus from several different companies near Yangon downtown and the ticket costs only 12000 kyats for a round trip. Some of the buses depart from Yangon at night and some in the morning. But if you take the night bus, which leaves from Yangon around 9:00 PM, you will reach Chaung Thar very early in the morning. So you might need to wait until afternoon to check-in. But don’t worry, hotel shall provide you a place or eventually a room to rest before getting the check-in room. But you have to consider about it when you choose to take the night bus.


ChaungThar activity


There are a lot of activities to do in Chaung Thar beach and a lot of small shops are waiting for you to provide rental service for football, bicycle or other beach items to enjoy your holidays there. For those who are fond of playing in the deep sea, there is a service that provides banana boat, retro ski and Jet Ski to play around in deep sea. And whenever you are tired of playing on the beach under the strong sun, you can pay a visit to the small local market that is very near from the beach to enjoy some local seafood or to buy small beach stuff.


The water in Chaung Thar beach is light blue with a mix of brown and silver sand and it is the most beautiful on sunny days. There is also a white sand island called “Thae Phyu Kyun” only ten minutes away by motorboat. That small island has a pagoda with silver white sand and crystal clear light green water. So I highly recommend you to go there since it is very beautiful and just 10 minutes away from the Chaung Thar. Don’t forget to capture many pictures on that small island with beautiful sea and blue sky.

While you are in Chaung Thar and you feel like going to another beach, you can try to visit Ngwe Saung beach as well which is not very far away. There are two different routes to access this beach from Chaung Thar, one is by motorboat and taking around 30 minutes, and the other is by car, which takes around an hour.  So, you can hit two beaches at the same time.


Sunset in ChaungThar


The sunset in the beach is always beautiful compared to one on land. I loved seeing sunset, which is like a melting ice cream with the orange background. I hope you will also like the scene of sunset in Chaung Thar Beach, which changes the beautiful blue sea into attractive orange colors.


After sunset, some of you might not know how to spend the time around the beach since the staff on the beach won’t allow you going to the sea after 6pm.  So if you go there with many people, you can do night barbecue party on the beach with karaoke and enjoy the nightlife of Chaung Thar. If you go there alone, don’t worry; just walk along the beach and you will see many young people enjoying the night party. It is a good chance to interact with local young people by joining their party. Young people are always cheerful and welcoming you to their party. It will be your new experience of beating another nightlife and seeing how young people from Myanmar are enjoying their life.


After going back from Chaung Thar beach, you most likely would like to buy some souvenirs from your trip and want to try the local food as well, then don’t forget to pay a visit at Shwe Myin Pyan Food stall in Pathein. This food stall is the best one in Pathein and also the unique one in this town. If you haven’t visited this food stall, you can’t say that your trip is complete. They sell wide varieties of local sweetened snacks, which is the authentic signature of Pathein food. The shopkeepers will give you a try of their snacks before you buy and they usually can speak a good level of English. Another trademark of Pathein is the traditional Pathein umbrella. It is made up of bamboo, silk and it is beautifully painted over.


I believe that if you go to the beach with an exhausted mind, you will come back with fresh mind and loads of good experience. Enjoy your trip in Chaung Thar beach as much as you can.


Article from the Mingalapar forum team

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