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international school myanmar


New to Myanmar? Coming from abroad with kids? We would like to help you find what Myanmar can offer your little ones in terms of international standard education. So I hope this will help you seek better education for your children.


There are not only government schools but also private co-educational day schools in Myanmar. Government schools are usually meant for local students, but it doesn’t mean that foreign students are forbidden. It is simply because the medium of instruction is in Burmese that foreign kids hardly apply these schools. Burmese parents, who wishtheir children to study abroad after high school, usually send their offspring to international schools at the age of four or five.

Every international school provides auditorium, indoor & outdoor gym, football court and playground for early years.Library, computer lab, science lab, music, art, purpose-built classrooms are also available at each school. Some International schools follow American Curriculum and some follow British Curriculum.


So here is a non-exhaustive list of the schools providing international standard classes for your children and some information about them:


International Language and Business Centre (ILBC) was founded in 1995 with small amount of children. Now it has many branches with schools in 7 major cities in Myanmar and it becomes a leading institution in the private education sector. Over 6000 students are learning academic, physical, artistic, emotional and social needs for their life-long learning. It generally has 2 semesters in one academic year. ILBC fosters a child to become someone who is academically well-prepared, socially responsible, culturally sensitive and personally fulfilled. Plus, the school provides a University foundation program, which aims to facilitate and prepare students for entries into universities after their IGCSE (international general certificate of secondary education) examination in Myanmar. The school evaluation system is a bit different from other international schools. It emphasizes on the completion of a common assessment task (CATs), which judge comprehensive, annual assessment of the student performance. Common Assessment Tasks are based on the four main areas: Classroom Performance, Project/ Tutorial/ Assessment, Discipline andHomework.

One thing I like about this school is that its products, students are very organized. The schooling system is slightly stricter than other international schools. It’s systematic and well-planned. Plus it is the most affordable one among international schools in Yangon. I strongly believe that your offspring will absolutely become a person who is academically well prepared, socially responsible, culturally sensitive and personally fulfilled.

You may visit for more information.


Myanmar International School Yangon (MISY) offers most appropriate part of British National Curriculum. It provides a secure, disciplined, caring and friendly family atmosphere in which children learn and prosper. It was founded five years ago and limited the number of students up to only 250. Now it becomes almost 500 as it claims a lot each year. It has two principals and talented and certified teachers. Modifications are made depending on the needs of students such as additional academic support (BASA) after school hours, extra-curricular activities which include student council, special interest clubs and assemblies. The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) also accredits the school. Students will have more chances to study around the world including the US and the UK as the qualifications they get after the examinations taken in MISY are recognized throughout the world. This school also provides special classes for Children in Special Needs who have dyslexia or literacy difficulties. This is the best school for those parents who are having difficulties with their children in Special Needs. Since it is a family-atmosphere school, I’d like to recommend you to choose this if you want to get involved heartedly. You are a big welcome.


International School Myanmar (ISM) offers the same model of education as MISY, except it follows American Curriculum. Both schools use student-centered approach. They appreciate parental support and involvement, PTA (Parent Teacher Support). Both schools encourage parent involvement and hold regular meetings with PTA members. ISM was founded in 1988 and is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). It has 3 campuses in northwest Yangon.


You may check the website of these two schools for more information: and


Horizon International School (An IB World School) is one of the well known schools in Myanmar. It was founded in 2000, offering American Curriculum. Its three campuses in Yangon and Mandalay are purposefully built and make learning enjoyable. It usually sponsors and hosts Spelling Bees and Mathemania programs every school year. It provides IB Diploma Program and students earn very good results every year. It’s an enjoyable school for those who are strongly interested in Mathematics and Sports programs as it has Sport Academy and football club. HIS also participates in Worldwide Olympiad (Project Competition) every year. Last year, HIS had successfully done “Tanakha Project” and got some awards as well. As far as I am concerned, HIS is unique in creating a strong logical mathematical intelligence for its learners.

Please enjoy visiting it through the following link:


YIS (Yangon International School), one of the best schools in Myanmar, became a member of The East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) in 2011. It is also fully accredited by WASC and ISS (International Schools Services). It follows American Curriculum and school mission goes the same as ILBC, since those two schools are run by the same owner. Teachers are from the US, Canada, Taiwan and Myanmar. It offers optional language classes and ESL classes if needed. It is a very great school but kind of pricy school as well.

You are invited to visit to seek information on how it runs and how much it is helpful for a great education.


ISY (International School Yangon) offers IB Diploma as well. I am afraid to say that ISY is quite full so far because of the interest and growth in Myanmar.  It is a very successful school in Yangon as well. Please check in details to see how great the school is.


You may also take time to visit the following websites to be able to choose appropriate schools for you or your kids:


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