Moe Set Wine Myanmar’s Return to Beauty Contests


Held at the National Theatre of Myanmar, Yangon last October 3, Moe Set Wine bested 20 other contenders for the Miss Universe-Myanmar crown. Ms. Wine also won other minor awards such the Miss Perfect Skin Award and the Miss Famous which was a contest who would have the most number of fans based on sent SMS texts and through the internet voting system.


Moe Set Wine was born in Yangon, Myanmar on 20 May, 1988. This 25 year old business and marketing graduate from the California Lutheran University also has an English Major diploma up her sleeve which she easily accomplished in Dagon University before she decided to pursue her education in the United States.


For Ms. Wine, winning the competition is both dramatic and meaningful because the last time Myanmar sent a candidate to the Miss Universe pageant was half a century ago, 52 years to be exact.  It would also be the last time that the country was to be introduced as Burma in the pageant.


During an interview with AFP, Moe Set Wine said “I feel like now I am part of the history and I feel like a soldier that is doing something for the country and my people.”


The country’s first ever representative was in 1959 where the competition was held in Long Beach, California. Myanmar was then represented by Than Than Aye.


In 1960, Myint Myint May was the ambassadress of beauty and goodwill who also captured the Miss Congeniality award. The following year prior to the 52 – year lull, Myint Myint Khin was the flag bearer for Myanmar.


Then in 1962, due to the country’s late dictator Gen Ne Win’s imposition of a socialist government, on top of an already traditional Buddhist society, Myanmar stopped sending candidates to the Miss Universe pageant. Several news articles the world over, saw more than just Moe Set Wine waving her hands and beaming that regal smile. Some insinuated controversies that are of political nature.


At the moment, Myanmar’s list of beauty contestants is short. Here it is:

Miss World

–           Ma Sen Aye (1960)


Miss International

–          Minnie Pu (1961)

–          Nang Khin Zay (2012, also won Miss Internet Award in the contest)

–          Gonyi Aye Kyaw (2013)


Miss Supranational

–          Khin Wint Wah (2013, Top 20 Semi-finalist, Miss Internet)


Ms. Wine will compete in Moscow, Russia for the Miss Universe 2013 title. Her title included $10,300 prize money and a brand new car.

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