My favorite movie of the year 2013


Movies are one of the best past times ever. In fact, for some people, watching movies is more of a passion. Take me for example. I love watching movies, all kinds of them! I am a fan of horror, action and comedy movies. I’m not so much on the sci-fi bandwagon because I’m not that good in science. I watch a lot of English movies to avoid my mom from scolding me. I would say it’s educational because it’s learning English and I get to watch movies at the same time.


Today, I’d like to share to you one of the best movies I’ve watched this year – “The Life of Pi”. This movie is based on the novel of Yann Martel about a boy named Pi. It was directed by Ang Lee, the same director of “Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon”.


The first scene that struck me was when Pi met Richard the tiger. I wonder what could’ve happened to Pi if his father permitted him to feed the tiger. I think that if we treat animals well, even if they are wild like tigers, they will treat us well. I mean, you see it on TV and magazines every day, wild animals like tigers, lions and even bears become friends with humans.


I also like the scene where Pi and his father, Santosh, was having dinner and was explaining to him how important it is to just choose one path when it comes to religion. He was telling Pi that he has the liberty to choose his own religion – that is a privilege that must be practice by everyone. Santosh also made it a point that we must respect each other’s’ religions for our work dot be a better place.


When the ship sank, Pi lost everything but never his hope to survive. For me, this was the climax of the movie. I couldn’t help but think, “Would I survive that kind of tragedy?” As students, one of the struggles we go through are examinations and assessments in school. In fact, I heard of a Burmese student who hung herself because she failed in one of her examinations. Moreover, the rate of suicide is increasing in Myanmar. Sadly, most of these suicide cases come from the youth. Everyone has their struggles and I believe that ending one’s life is never the solution. That is never the way to freedom. I may not be as brave as Pi but I know I will never resort to killing myself.


Though the movie may not be realistic with Pi surviving a boat sinking with a tiger with him, I strongly encourage everyone, especially the youth, to watch it. This movie will make you stronger in your endeavors in life. This movie is 2 hours well spent.

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