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Best tea shop Yangon

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you need it so you can work efficiently all day long.What and where do Myanmar people eat for breakfast? Do you have any idea of the eating way and habit of Myanmar people? In downtown Yangon, you will see many teashops and this is the place where people gather to have a delicious breakfast.


It can be confusing as there are many places you could stop by, so I would like help you by sharing some of my recommendation. First of all, you need  to know that each teashop has its specialties and that those places serve food not only in the morning but also during all day long.


Mercury, one of my favorite one, is situated only 2 minutes walk from my house (I’ll keep my address secret lol)  and become one of the reason I like teahop. This place opens daily from 6 am to 5pm and there is a large variety of food for breakfast, lunch and tea time. Among them, for breakfast, I love to eat Mawlamyine Kyat Thar Pe late (it is a mawlamyine style chicken with bean light curry) with a special home made wheat as a side dish. The taste is softer than the other Myanmar food and is not oily at all. This dish is not available in other teashops and it’s only available before 9 am in Mercury. For breakfast, they also serve a great variety of food like traditional Myanmar food, Indian food and even dim sum. The teashop compound is big enough to serve many people at the same time and it also has a big car park. Starting from 10am, you will be able to  order lunch menu and other light food. If I want to eat light food in the middle of the day, I would order kyat thar kee mar pa lar tar (it is a kind of pancake filled with chicken curry inside). This is also one of the specialties of this teashop. If you are Muslim, you won’t be leave apart, all the food served is halal. Mercury teashop is located on Moe Kaung Road, Yankin Township near Shwe Kaung Hot Pot Yankin Branch.


Another shops I would like to recommend is lucky seven teashops. The reason I like this place is because they have many branches all around Yangon. The branch I usually go is in Alone Township, which is one of the place I go daily. I like the taste of lucky seven red tea compared to the one in Mercury. They also have a wide variety of food and among them; I enjoy their chicken spring roll, which is made up of big rice noodle as a outer layer of the spring roll. It’s one of the best places for breakfast and afternoon teatime. As tit is very convenient to go, you will see many students and office staffs having their breakfast in those busy teashops. If you want to experience Myanmar people daily life and want to have a chat with young people in afternoon teatime, I think it’s a place that you should spend a few hours. You can find their teashops in various locations such as Lower Kyee Myin Daing Road, Alone Township; 49th Street, Botahtaung Township; Sel Myaung Street, 8 miles; U Chit Maung Street, Bahan Township and Thudhamar Street, North Okkalapa Township.


The last one I sometimes go is Thapyay Yeik Teashop. They also have many branches all around Yangon. They are located in Moe Kaung Road, Yankin; Pun Hlaing Street, Hlaing Thar Yar Township and Ayer Wun Main Road, Thu Wanna Township. The reason I like this teashop is because they serve a wide variety of food such as snack or heavy food. I think the best time to go there is when you want to eat a little bit heavy food in teatime. I usually go there, when I want to chat with friends in the evening around 4 pm. The place is big and there are many seats available. The decoration in Moe Kaung Road is really nice; they built a traditional cozy style with thatch roof.


These 3 places are my favorite teashops in Yangon. If you spend some time with the locals, you should go to those places. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Myanmar lifestyle when you are there.


Written by Mingalapar forum team

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