Myanmar Beaches

There are also nice beaches destinations in Myanmar. If you want to spend some time relaxing on a beach you can go to one of these beautiful beaches that Myanmar has to offer.


Ngapali Beach – is the most popular beach in Myanmar. It is situated in Rakhaing State of western Myanmar, near the ancient city which is Thandwe, also known as Sandoway by the British, fronting the Bengal Bay. You can reach this beach by road from Bagan or Yangon through Pyay but it will take you about 14 hours on an unpleasantly paved up and down hill road across the range of Rakhaing. The best way to reach Ngapali is through airplanes from Bagan, Yangon, or Inle Lake. There are also a some scheduled flights from Sittwe. This beach has fine white sand and it is about 11km long and is surrounded by swaying coconuts trees and blue waters. This unspoiled beach line is very peaceful as it is free from souvenir vendors, noisy bars, and big crowds except the occasional presence of bullock carts. Ngapali beach is also famous for its fresh and tasty seafood. Most of the dishes they serve are from their daily catches and not from a frozen stock. Other activities that are fun to do here are snorkeling, fishing, boat tours to nearby islands, golfing and bicycle tour to the ancient town Sandoway and to the traditional fishermen villages. Your stay at Ngapali will be an experience that you will never forget, feeling that you’re in a paradise with the help of establishments of some eco-friendly and stunning 5-star hotels. The best time to visit Ngapali is from October to April because the monsoon hits the whole coastal line starting May to end of September, and during this season, most of the hotels may not be operating.


Ngwe Saung Beach – this beach literally means “Silver Beach”. It was added to be the newest beach destination of Myanmar in year 2000. It is 14.5km long beach fronting the Bengal Bay that has extremely pleasant natural beautiful environment. The beach also has very inviting silver-white sand, and clear water with total privacy. There are more than 20 hotels to choose from, depends on your needs that will suit to any budget, from simple and basic chalets to expensive spa themed boutique resorts. Some of the activities that visitors will enjoy are snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, boating, fishing, bicycling, and village and island tours. It is also best to try their tasty fresh seafood. You can reach the beach of Ngwe Saung via six hour drive from Yangon, across the broad delta region through Pathein. It is an ancient port town and a provincial capital during the 11th century. A journey here is a great way to study the different delta culture. There are some flights available to Pathein, from Bagan, Ngwe Saung, and Heho depending on the days of the week and the occasional demand.


Chaung Tha Beach – one of the top beach getaway in Myanmar even though it is not as attractive as Ngapali and Ngwe Saung beaches. Situated north of Ngwe Saung and having the same distance from Yangon through Pathein to Ngwe Saung. The sand is a mixed of sliver and brownish color and  the water is crystal clear, clean and quite inviting. There are two high class hotels, some decent beach bungalows and chalets available here for accommodation.


Mergui Archipelagos – also known as Myeik and it features more than 800 pristine, forest-clad, fresh and pleasing virgin islands strewed throughout the Sea of Andaman of the coast between Mergui and Kawthaung, also known as Victoria Point. These islands look like emeralds on a blue carpet. If you want to witness a real nature beauty and like to escape totally from the busy human society at least for some moment, Mergui is the best place to visit. Some of the sites that will really catch your attention are marine parks, silver-white powdery sand beaches, glass clear water, blue and turquoises coral gardens, the sea gypsy or Mokens culture, rare and endangered bird species, and rich land and marine wildlife. But due to slow and heavy concerns of bringing up the area to tourism, exploration options and beach resorts are very limited.