Myanmar Education: Worthless and worthy


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My little daughter was awarded for standing first in her class. She ran into me holding a pen which was given as a prize. I gave her a big hug and kissed her cheeks. That was the prize I gave her for her success.


I thought about something when she walked away. Let’s say the government awards the top ten students in matriculation exam every year among students of about hundred thousand. Then it means that the rest of 99990 students are not smart, doesn’t it? Since only 10 out of hundred thousand are awarded, the rest automatically become stupid and unnecessary.


How come it is related with the matriculation exam and a person’s value? Students fail exams since they don’t study the textbooks. They lose marks. Those who study the textbook as exactly as it says pass exam with distinctions and go to Medical College, University of Foreign Languages, etc. Then what is the difference between these two types of students? Is it their IQ? Or is it their diligence? Does a person’s value depend on reading textbook by heart? Not everyone may consider about it. However we have to consider it by the time we are going to change the education system. There should not be such kind of education system which will invert a young person’s life or a student’s life.


Every student or every kid has his or her own value. If they think that they are not valuable, they will feel worthless and hopeless. Then they cannot act optimistically for personal development and community development in the future. Inferiority complex is always bad and leads a person to failure.


Since everyone or every student has his own family, not only school but also his home is responsible to motivate him to become a confident and valuable person. I wonder how much schools nowadays appreciate a student’s life value. A school must be able to polish a student and make him proud of himself.


The one who feels worthless himself will no longer be confident. He won’t value himself and his dignity. Then he is getting further and further from success.


It’s not that worth only refers to those who are hopeless. It is also concerned with human society. If we are truly planning to head to democracy, a person’s value becomes very important. Everybody needs to be able to believe that they are valuable and acceptable so that the community will be prosperous.


We cannot judge a person’s value on skin color, nationality and religion. They don’t necessarily have any impact on a person’s value. Even if people cry for democracy all the time, it will never become a democracy of human society until people value each other. This is all because of the leaders who don’t understand deep enough of what value means. And it’s because of the system which judges a person’s value unfairly.


Since educators are essential for changing to be a better human society, authorized people need to rely on those educators and give them responsibility. Most of the authorized people can’t catch up with the whole world, and they are not able to consider about the education of human society. So those who are not able or capable should not be at the place of creating the country future. Otherwise it will be no use either for themselves or the country future.


Today children are the architects who will manage and create the newly future human society. Therefore they need to grow up properly. They need to conquer difficulties that they will come across in life. They must be confident and strong to overcome those problems.


But when children are discriminated by skin color, nationality, religion and family background, the inferiority complex suddenly appears in their mind. That is the one which breaks the child’s future. It leads to violence, poor social relations and lack of peace when they are discriminated as useless people. Whatever the nationality or the religion we are, every mankind has value. We can use military power or weapons to change a person’s belief or a person’s attitude. I think it can be only innovated through counseling bit by bit by authorized people.


Children are the country’s future. Schools are the places which create good architects. Parents and teachers must train children to become reliable and confident people in future human society so that poor Myanmar will become a developed country one day.


Article translated from Eleven Media by the Mingalapar Forum team

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