Myanmar is like a House with termites


Yangon old house


There’s no bookshelf in my house, so that I can only put all my books in a pile right on the floor near my bed. And what a terrible vision I have, when I see that one of the books is totally destroyed by termites, while I dust my books. I get frustrated since that book was really precious to me.


“Dad! It’s gone! My book!” I shouted out loud.


“Really? Why?” asked my father.


“Termites bit it all” I cried.


“It’s gone” is “It’s gone! Our house is already partly destroyed. It’s going to fall apart soon. As long as we don’t repair it, termites will keep on biting”, said dad as if there was nothing to worry about.


I brought books with termites outside under the sun. Termites wander around the pages. They are the insects I hate most on the earth. They bite the books I love and I have to clean my books very often to keep them away. But they already bit my books bit-by-bit and day-by-day, while I wasn’t noticing.


My father has been living here in this old little house; which is over 50 years old now, since he was teenager. As we never repaired it before, the house is now in very poor condition. It would ask, “When am I supposed to be under repair?” if it could spoke.


My house looks very good on outside but you will see that it’s all broken when you get inside. We had a hard time before so that the metal walls were sold out and replaced with palm leaves. Anyway, you can enjoy the beauty of sun rays coming through those palm leaves.


You will hear the rhythm of floors as you step on it, because the columns that support are very weak after being stepped on for ages. Now the poor little dear is suffering from termites as well. That’s why my dad said, “as long as we don’t repair it, termites will keep on biting”.


The other day, my mom’s closet was full of termites too. Her clothes were bitten already. Although she tried to clear them using spray, she did it in vain! It’s been ages that termites conquer our house. We have to rebuild it as dad said. Even if we replace an old column with a good one, the termites will come and bite the good one. This way, it will have no ending! There’s no way to run away from those insects. Only rebuilding it with new roof, new columns, new walls and new floors will save us from them.


I didn’t notice how long I was lost in my thoughts about termites. I thought the pile of books has nothing wrong when I saw it from outside. However, I didn’t notice that its base has been destroyed already. When we were talking, we were eating, we were sleeping, termites chewed regularly. By the time, we notice that, it’s already too late. We can’t help it! Termites won.


A book or a house or a country, the theory goes the same. It seems OK when we don’t notice that termites were biting. By the time we notice it, the whole country is going to sink. Leaders who bite as termites stand first in letting down a country. It’s been about 50 years that Myanmar was bitten by termites. Transparency International (2013) declared that Myanmar is in the position 157 of 177 in termite biting.


Then how shall we stop termite biting? As my dad told me, as long as we don’t rebuild or repair our country, termite biting will increase for ever.


Article translated from Eleven Media Group by the Mingalapar Forum team


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