Myanmar politic: I’m not blaming anyone!!!



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I’m not blaming them; don’t get me wrong!


You will see a lake in front of my house. And a signboard saying “party”, stuck outside of my house. I have no idea who did it! As far as I know, nobody around here has their own houses. But they have “parties”.


I’m not blaming them, am I??


It’s all right even if they don’t have houses to gather, they meet on roads. Chairs and tables are scattered on the road. Then it’s easy. ” We block the way because we have meeting today”. That’s what they will tell you when you complain about them.


I remember that General Aung San’s was satiric about over acting from political figures. Now this is much worse than what he said. They have meetings on road and they blocking the way for it. They play football on roads. They make “donation festivals” on roads. If somebody were about to complain, they said “So what? We are doing for the party’s sake, we care about no one”. See how much they love their party, but they don’t love each other.


I’m not complaining about them, am I?


What I know is that there are only 3 types of people who participate in politics;


1. You do it because you know about it well.


2. You do it because you like to.


3. You do it because you are jobless.


No.1 people do it as they consider about gaining something back with good tactics.


No.2 people do it as think they can help and change the country into better one.


No.3 people, very simple! Whatever they do, they lose nothing for doing that. They just give it a chance; they will put the rest in trouble.


I’m not blaming them!


Let’s recall the 1988 crisis! Educated people started demonstrating, and then all jobless people followed them. Later it led to a crisis. They demanded human rights. Finally they bullied and killed each other.


Let me tell you something. Never think that it’s a truth when many people agree with you. Please consider whether they really like you or just trying to put you in trouble. If you find it yourself happy with many people, just join an orchestra or play.


Well, people around my region, if they don’t have anything to do but they put up a signboard which says “party” on it, then they got to find something to do. They make something which isn’t supposed to be necessary. They block the way on Martyrs’ Day. They have meeting for Independence Day. They gather for Union Day. Then, they block the ways. When they have nothing to do, you will see or hear that they quarrel with each other sitting under the signboard. Workshops are 24 hours running. I have no idea what important things they are discussing. But what I see is, it’s nothing!


You know? There can be 3 parties with only 2 people.


Your party


My party


A party of you and I! Then we fight each other when we can’t agree.


When you party agrees, my party disagrees.


When my party agrees, your party doesn’t.


When your party and my party agree each other, our third party doesn’t.


I’m not blaming anyone………


Article translated from Popular News Journal by the Mingalapar Forum team



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