Opinion about change in Myanmar



“Everyone wants to save the world but no one even doesn’t help his or her mother with washing dishes.”


It’s a western saying I read when I was young. I am sure everybody has lots of great dreams. And a country or a kingdom has dreams or wishes as well. Every citizen is fond of those wishes. They imagine some dreams came true but some didn’t.


We want our country to improve and to develop more than other countries. We want everyone to know Myanmar broadly. Those are all wishes we don’t need to mention or say out loud. We wish our dreams came true very quickly as we see the rate of neighboring countries and western countries’ improvements.


The government may or may not create those wishes fully. We can’t put all our eggs in the same basket! WE ourselves must have our own capability as a good citizen in this case. There are a lot of things and rules left to learn. And also we have to change some rules and regulations in the innovation process. We must get involved in those affairs.


It makes no difference if we just keep on shouting to change! We must change ourselves first. Then how? It’s very simple. Change in a TRUE way!


There are millions of people who want to change our country. There are a lot of dreams. There might even be those who want to save the world. But how can we do so if we don’t try to adapt the rules, just to save a little place or thing, just to try to be capable people? It’s like children who have been looking at their mother washing dishes instead of helping her. We better help her (our country) by washing dishes.


The current situation is as similar as above example. We need to participate in some affairs. If not, we will be far away from our dreams. No doubt about that!


WE don’t want to lose our golden dreams, do we? I don’t think so. We will have to help our mom wash dishes. We will have to try to fulfill our wishes.


This is my kindly reminder not to forget that we all are dreaming possible things in life.


Article translated from Eleven Media Group by Mingalapar team

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