Speaking My Mind – Daily Tales of a Burmese Teen Girl In Modern Myanmar

burmese-teen-girlHi there, Swan here! I’m a 19 years old university student, born and raise in the beautiful country of Myanmar. I have constant bursts of teenage emotions and you ought to stay away from me sometimes. LOL! Kidding aside, I’m here to speak my mind on bits and bobs about my day to day adventures in the new Myanmar.

Here’s a crash course on who I really am!

1. Family is my sanctuary. I love my nagging mom, my strict dad and my lazy brother! Can you feel the love? Kidding aside, I’d kill anyone for them.

2. I am on a “SEE FOOD DIET”. I see food and I eat it! Food is passion and I only have one rule, never eat more than you can lift with your hands. So far, I’ve been able to live up to this. How many pieces of “Khauk Mont” can you lift?

3. I try to balance out my love for food with sports. The keyword here is “try”. There’s a basketball in my closet and a badminton racket. They have been there for quite some time now. I hope they’re okay.

4. I like watching movies and reading books. I’m excited for the next Hunger Games movie. I love Peeta and Gale and I think Katniss should die. She is a bitch and self-centered.

5. I sometimes feel I’m kind of like Snow White. I would cook you food and fix you a great warm meal but I would never eat an apple that came from a stranger. I could sometimes be an Ariel, too. I’d give up anything for the man I love. (Which I have not found by the way because (a) I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend yet and (b) I don’t really think a real Edward Cullen exists, if anyone knows of a handsome vampire, please send me a message).

So, there you go! I hope you will enjoy my daily tales about the daily life of a teenage girl in modern Myanmar! Happy reading!


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