The pollution in Myanmar

Pollution in Myanmar


Everybody loves breeze, especially the breeze that passed by the fragrant flowers and buds. Breathing the cool winter air makes you more active. It keeps us healthy as we get complete oxygen through body cells straight away to our lungs.


Some industrialized countries, however, hardly get fresh air. It says that China is the most air pollution country in Asia. Environmental pollution is caused by not only air pollution but also high-industrialization and deforestation. “Bad smell” plays in an important role as well in environmental pollution.


You might get fresh breeze in countryside, but not in urban areas. We see rubbish scattered about everywhere and have been disposed improperly. Then we have the canals blocked! They are full of leftover food, plastic bags and other rubbish, and really smelly.


When it breezes, it stinks. We make a face, we get a headache, we close our eyes.


I compared the canals here to the ones in Singapore, where they are always being processed and cleaned, so that the draining is better. They always take good care of rubbish and clean systematically. And those who litter rubbish improperly are charged.  People there are quite healthy and happy. They do not need to close their nose or eyes.


Here in Myanmar, it’s opposite! Everything is in disorder and disorganized so far. Let’s say we cleaned the small canals, but what about the big ones? All rubbish stuck in there. Then we have to clean BIG ones first. How shall we clean those first and when can we start it??


We feel like we hear and we see those foul smells.


We want fresh breeze even if we can’t get the fragrant breeze for the time being. However, cleaning small canals only can’t make any difference without cleaning the BIG ones.


Article translated from Eleven Media Group by Mingalapar team


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