This is like this in Myanmar


Myanmar car


This is it. This car’s windows are black since I bought them. I did not know that they’re black because they have stuck black stickers. If I’m guilty for sticking it…


This is like this.


I never saw any announcement in Myanmar that says cars could have black stickers only with a permit. But if it’s illegal to stick without permit, fine!


This is like this.


Then what about other cars that have black stickers on windows?? (Yes, they are original black windows.)

I see. This is like this.


Then they have rights to drive although we got the same black windows? Isn’t it wrong that they are innocent or legal? (No, it isn’t. They are government officers.)


But you know, a car with black stickers doesn’t mean that it is against the country. Now I have to pay a 101,500 Kyats fine. It never happened before that I had to pay that much. Then we bargained a bit and it became Ks 40,000 (Ks 30,000 on list, Ks 10,000 for fund)


One time my motorbike was kept because I rode it in restricted area. They did not give it back to me. Definitely not! I asked, “Why? How about other motorbikes?” (Well, those motorbikes belong to a government office. They’ve got full rights to ride)


Oh. I get it. This is so.


Then shall I join in a government office to get same rights? Not too long ago after keeping my motorbike, I saw them riding it near the place I was fined.


Fine! That’s what we have to live with. This is like this.


Not long ago, I was sent a notice from my niece’s teacher because she was late for school very often. But that was not only my niece, all her friends who take the same school bus. It was because the school bus was late. Then I questioned the driver why he was late. He said it’s because of traffic. Yes! You know why? It’s because all the traffic policemen are all outside the city, so that they will earn more by fining cars and motorbikes.


Our government refers to us (media) as the fourth pillar of the country. But we are charged that much.


Let it be. That’s what we have to live with.


Article translated from Popular Myanmar by the Mingalapar Forum team


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