Traffic in Myanmar



Myanmar traffic


Sitting in traffic has become a way of life for many people in Myanmar’s commercial capital, Yangon.


“Although flyovers are built, the heavy traffic jam can’t still be figured out. There are many reasons to consider. The main problems are street vendors, and ratio of cars and roads. Actually we should have built flyovers before the numbers of vehicles expanded”, said Kyaw Htwe, a traffic police officer on February 15th.


To ease the traffic congestion in Yangon, the government is doing its best so far by building flyovers and rebuilding platforms to have more space for roads. However, we still cannot sort out the poor traffic condition, which started to be this way 5 years ago.


I’m sure we will not be able to sort it out quickly. Building flyovers might help only partially to the traffic, but not perfectly. We’ve got a lot more to do. It’s like we have to repair or redo traffic points and we have to check the ratio of vehicles and roads. Plus people should obey pedestrian and driving rules, drivers usually parking their cars on road where of course parking is not allowed. Buses drive crazily and it’s so dangerous. Pedestrians should use road properly too,” said U Hla Aung, the chairman of Yangon City Transport Committee.


Traffic congestion started to be really bad by 2010 and it is now getting worse and worse day after day since the system car permit has changed in Yangon. There are altogether 351,985 vehicles registered so far in Yangon. Over 50 congested junctions or roads in Yangon every day, but not only during rush hours, every time of a day as well. Taxi drivers say that they are losing their business because they spend most of their days stuck in traffic. So do passengers! Passengers have to pay more than usual price if they want to go to congested area. So we need to start implementing traffic laws to ease congestion on the street and for drivers to be better disciplined in obeying the law. Also we should have 24-hour service to clear the traffic jam. We hope there could be more traffic police officers than there is now so that we could have things done effectively.


Article translated from Eleven Media by the Mingalapar Forum team

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