Vacation in Myanmar for Burmese people

Myanmar vacation


“Journey”, the process of going from a place to another, maybe a place we have already been to or maybe not! We take trips on duty, on vacation or other purposes. Among them, I find being on vacation the most enjoyable. It is kind of the most worthy trip.


The high season of vacation is usually on public holidays, summer holidays and especially Myanmar New Year 10-days-holiday. What we mostly choose for nice vacation are riverside, beaches or natural parks.


As Burmese people love their mother country, they hardly take long trips since old centuries. People who live in rural area usually journey to pagoda festivals in groups after harvesting in summer. It takes days or a month to go by carts. Therefore, the traditional way of travelling has been well known in Myanmar history. A record named “Shwe Sat Taw thwar taw la:” which is written by Shin Maharahtasaya (Innwa dynasty) is a very famous documentary in Myanmar. He wrote about his journey on foot.


Vacation keeps us healthy and happy. It also renews our energy after working through the year. We discover new things, local cultures, new experience and customs. Since our country is full of natural resources and beauty, we, Myanmar visit around the country to places like famous Khakaborasi ice-cup mountain in Kachin State, Inle lake in Shan State or Ngapali beach in Rakhine State. We share our cultures and learn new customs from each other. In this way, Myanmar is united firmly with over 130 nationalities. That’s the best achievement and advantage of travelling. Besides, we get fond of our country and our nationality more and more.


It gives us chance to come across things we haven’t seen and things we haven’t known. And also, we make new friends.


Nowadays, vacation is widely demanding not only for health, relaxation, social dealings but economics also. People are on vacation even abroad. So, vacation plays a very important role in one’s life.


Article translated from Eleven Media Group by Mingalapar team

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