Volunteering Tourism in Myanmar – Try to give part of your travel time to the community


Mandalay Children


Travelling is a kind of activity that makes you to get many new experiences.


Some people like to use their leisure time to spend a lot of money in order to enjoy crazy nightlife and fun in a new city. But, there are still some people who love to enjoy the natural scene and interacting with local people. Visiting a developing country like Myanmar is interesting, not only to enjoy the new life experiences but also to contribute to this country with a small effort, as there are still many things that you can help with for the people living in this country.


As you may know, there are many children in Myanmar who are growing up in orphanage because of the civil war that had been lasted for years.  They suffer from psychological trauma due to an incomplete childhood and the loss of their parents. Their life has not been the same as you or me have experienced, they need someone to motivate them and give them courage to stand for a better and happier future.


Myanmar had been closed for decades from international community and these children have not had a chance to meet with a wider society. They need your HELP; your words are precious for them to stand for the difficulties without fear and can give them the courage to create a better future by themselves.


If you have planned to visit Myanmar and are willing to contribute to the community, try to give part of your travel time to our Myanmar community. Myanmar has many well known tourist attractions to visit such as Yangon, Bagan, Inlay lake and Mandalay but there are still many places that some of you don’t know yet, and some people that you have not met yet, who will make your trip the most enriching one.


Indeed, in addition to that kind of touristic attraction, you can meet innocent children at an orphanage and spend time with them by teaching English, liberal arts, music, health knowledge, environmental sanitation or any other topic and things that might be helpful for their future life.


If you are not familiar with any of these topics, even playing with them and spending time with them shall give them a chance to feel a kind and warm heart to support them, as they don’t have it anymore. As they grow up in small and limited environment, they might feel insecure and not confident to interact with many people and to stand in public. So, frequently interacting with different people from different countries and origins makes them leave their fear behind and helps to be stronger person and most likely become an outstanding one.


So if you want to give to the community, help these children to rebuild themselves while you are visiting the country, there are some organizations that can help you prepare you trip to include volunteering activities in Myanmar, as you may not know that which part of the community has the most needs.


They can help you to search for the right place to do volunteer activities within Yangon area and make it happen within your tight schedule. There are many places around Yangon that need your help such as community schools in Monastery and orphanages.


Several people from all around the world came here and did volunteering activities while enjoying touristic places in Yangon and around Myanmar.


So if you plan a 2 or 3 weeks trip to Myanmar, you might want to give 3 to 5 days, or even a week to help the community. Some of the monasteries are in Yangon division and some of them are just outside the city.


You can teach them English for a few hours if you have enough level of English skill, giving some health related knowledge if you are in this field, singing a song with them if you can play the guitar, or showing them how to make handmade items for them to support their life.


Your effort and contribution to community can change the life of some people. Try to make volunteering tourism and enjoy your trip as well as support the community, and get the best reward and memory from your trip while volunteering, nothing is worth a kid’s smile.


So if you are looking to volunteer at a monastery school, Pan Pyo: Latt Community School in Bago region is happy to welcome any traveler who is willing to volunteer at their monastery. They have facilities and are willing to accommodate any person who will provide help. Their contact is as follows:


Pan Pyo: Latt Community School, 10 miles Bago region.

Contact point- principal of monastery – apnbt65@gmail.com

ph num- 0949450611 and 095122641


But if you are looking for someone organizing your trip around your volunteering activities, then you should definitely contact Friends of Children Myanmar (FCM), which is an organization specialized in volunteering tourism. They will arrange your trip and find for you orphanages, hospitals, schools that are in need for help. To have your trip planned and organized around a volunteering activity, please contact FCM:


Friends of Children Myanmar (FCM)

Mr. Samuel Sau Baung



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