What is my take on Facebook and the rest of Myanmar


Our country is changing in a fast pace. One indicator of this change is how the price of the sim card decreased from MMK 1,500,000 to MMK 1,500 in a span of 12 months. Thus, more people are able to use mobile phones and have access to the internet. Because of this, more young people in Myanmar are able to login to social media websites such as FaceBook.


Although FaceBook can be very popular, there are still a lot of things I find annoying about it. First of all, FaceBook is quite addicting. I was in high school when I first signed up for the account and I found it very interesting. Little did I know, I was already spending 3 hours a day on it. I had to stop this bad habit because it was stopping me from performing well in school. I decided to delete my account and I started registering to a more centralized Burmese social network where I learned better English. I get to find new friends as well and I don’t get addicted to it.


Second, FaceBook is also very pretentious. Many people share a lot of things about them that are not real and there is no way to find out if such information posted about a person is real. FaceBook has been a center for gossip. I think gossip about famous people and people I know personally are a waste of my time.


Even if I don’t use FaceBook anymore, I feel like it is still affecting my life because all my real friends are still addicted to it, like the website somehow stole the attention of my friends. I don’t get to spend time with them anymore. When we have free time and hang out, they all keep on checking their mobile phones for updates. I am so talkative and it is hard to be one if you actually do not have someone to talk to. So I decided to create an account again just to stay in touch with my friends. I try my best to keep my FaceBook use under an hour a day.


Despite the negative sides of FaceBook, I still think it can benefit a lot of people. For example, businessmen can use FaceBook as their medium of advertising and transactions. People who work abroad can easily get in touch with their families all the way from home. For these reasons, I think the social media website is more appropriate for adults than young people because adults will know how to moderate their thoughts and posts.


We are all teenagers and we have our whole lives ahead of us. I believe that we should spend this time having fun with our friends and learning new things instead of spending too much time on FaceBook. This is just my opinion and I hope I have not offended anyone and I would respect the opinion of others, too.



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