Mingalapar, the ultimate travel guide to Myanmar!

Founded in 2013, by a team of travel and Myanmar lovers.
Mingalapar is the first online platform that allows you to create taylor-made trip to Myanmar.

Mingalapar was born in 2013, during a memorable travel to Myanmar.

Loïc and Yves, best mates, passionnated by travel, decided to spend a whole summer explorating Asia.

After being to countries with different cultures (Japan, China, Indonesia, Thaïland), they felt for their final destination, Myanmar.

The country (at that time) was just opening, and the 2 friends discovered wonderful, unique landscapes with thousands of temples. They felt like walking on a sacred untouched land.

They were also touched by the warmth of burmese people, so welcoming and cheerful, truly kind and eager to hear about their experience in Myanmar.

While in Myanmar, they had some difficulties finding information about the country, its traditions, its must-sees, news about it…

So they decided to create MINGALAPAR, a website dedicated to Myanmar. They wanted people to shares the news, tell little stories about their trip, create interactivity amongst myanmar lovers and also with local through the Forum.

And MINGALAPAR was born. Out of Love for Myanmar.


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Everything you need to know about Myanmar and plan a taylor-made trip according to your wishes.

The Mingalapar’s goal is to provide through its website and app, unique activities only known by insider.

Thanks to our platform, you will be able to :

  • Learn about the country, its news, and some travel tips,
  • Plan your trip with information about the must-sees and places to visit, and learn about the customs of the locals,
  • Book your flights, hotels, activities, car rental, …
  • Share your experiences with myanmar lover through our instagram (MyInstaTrip) or our Forum

More than 1,5 million followers, and still growing!

Through our instagram page, we make you travel to the sacred land of Myanmar by sharing unique pictures of Myanmars’s landscapes, temples, people and experience.

As Mingalapar is all about sharing your love for Myanmar, we created, on our website, MyInstaTrip for our community of instagramers to share their picture and make you travel to the country through their eyes

With over 700 topics generating more than 12 000 posts, we are the biggest forum online dedicated to Myanmar.

Our forum will gather lot of General information such as Visa information, Night life and entertainment, Transportation, Food, local customs, etc…

We also have a community of « Expats Members » living in Myanmar, and sharing their experience and tips about their daily life.

The « Business section » provides information about burmese law and business opportunities.

For those interested by learning burmese ,« Myanglish Corner » is a section with burmese words and sentences useful for daily life.

For the travelers, the community will share travel tips and experience about different destination in Myanmar.

We started our Mingalapar project with our Facebook page.

Since 2013, we’ve been sharing photos, videos, news and tips about Myanmar.

Nowadays, we’ve got a strong Fan base of more than 1,5 million followers, always eager to learn about Myanmar.