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For visitors, the modern city of Mandalay seems very bland compared to the wonders of the surroundings. Along the banks of the Ayeyarwady river, amidst the remains of ancient capitals and secular pilgrimage sites, holds a string of treasures among the most valuable in the country, like the U Bein Bridge, a teak walkway that stride along every morning and evening a cohort of villagers and monks, the monastery with beautifully carved woods of Inwa (Ava), or the imposing unfinished stupa of Bodawpaya, in Mingun.

Mandalay is the last royal capital. The temples of the Mandalay Hill, nicknamed “city of jewels”, dominate a city resolutely modern, where the Burmese tradition is nevertheless pregnant.

Elected overnight (November 2015) Capital of Myanmar, Naypyidaw is curious and intriguing. Its meaning is the “Abode of kings”… perhaps an explanation for the megalomania of its construction and the reason for the heavy investment it has aroused. The city is famous for its district of the ministries, whose access is prohibited, with prestigious, immense and deserted avenues.

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