Some nightlife activities while you are in Myanmar

Nightlife in Myanmar may be limited to major cities like Yangon and Mandalay but it doesn’t mean it is non-existent.

Beer Stations

There are two kinds of places where you can get drinks for a night out. You can have a relaxed night drinking in a fine dining restaurant or you can go down to the local drinking establishment called “beer stations”.

Top hotels have restaurant bars that would cater to your need to unwind. Break open a bottle of wine and sit on the restaurant’s veranda and enjoy the lovely breeze of Myanmar. The Governor’s Residence’s Kipling Bar boasts not only of its food and drinks, but also its colonial-inspired ambiance. Located in Myanmar’s central city Yangon, you can spend the day sight-seeing and then end the day at the Kipling Bar for dinner and drinks.

If you want to spend the night overlooking a magnificent view, you must not miss having drinks at Sapphire Bar and Lounge. Located on top of the Alfa Hotel, the Sapphire Bar and Lounge has a magnificent view of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Yangon skyline is a sight to behold as the Schwedagon Pagoda lights up at night.

For the local night drinking scene, there are a lot of music lounges in the city. A good one is called My Garden located in Ahlone Road, Yangon. The bar offers good food, cheap beer and great music. Another great music lounge is Mr. Guitar in Saya San Road, Yangon. You get to listen to renditions of local and foreign music by live bands. Aside from that, you could be invited to perform on stage as well!

Disco bars

Another way to spend the night in Myanmar is to go out dancing at the local disco bars. You can go to one of the most popular disco bars in Yangon called The Music Club. Its disco bar features great DJs that spin dance mixes for more than 200 customers—both local and foreign.

If you are looking for dance clubs with an edge, another popular hotspot is the Club Pioneer located in the Alan Pya Pagoda Street. Aside from the great music, the Club Pioneer creates a funky atmosphere for dancing with its digital laser show.

Cultural Shows

If the crazy night scene is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy a relaxing night of cultural shows in Mandalay. Try going to the Mandalay Marionettes and Culture Show—an hour-long puppet show that is performed in a small theatre located in between the 26th and 27th street, Mandalay. The cultural puppet show features versions of zat pwe dances and tales of Ramayana.

For a night of comic relief, you can go down to watch the Moustache Brothers. Live performances can be seen in their make-shift stage located between 80th and 81st street, Mandalay. The Moustache brothers are best known for their satire performances about the social and political situation of the country.

You may not find a bar in every corner of the country, but when you’re in Yangon and Mandalay and the night sets in, party animals come out to play.

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