Basic information

Myanmar is a great place to visit at any time of the year. The seasons come and go, but Myanmar’s multifarious attractions endure throughout the year and are growing in popularity. The fascinations of Myanmar lies in the mysteries of its history, culture, pure religion, innocent hill tribes, in the majesty of its sweeping mountain ranges, in the busy market-places, hidden archipelago, unknown wildlife and many other things.

Learn with us all the basic information you are going to need to enjoy your stay with us.

Admission Charges

Entry to Myanmar’s major cultural sites (Bagan, Bago, Mrauk-U and Pyay) as well as those located in and near Mandalay, requires a government pass. This usually costs between $5 and $15, but note that some tickets can be used for multiple sites and are valid for multiple days.

Museums and religious complexes often have admission fees that you pay at the door.

Public holidays

  • 4 January, Independence Day which celebrates Burmese independence in 1948.
  • 12 February, Union Day which celebrates when Aung San came to an agreement with Burma’s ethnic minorities at regarding the future of the country in 1947.
  • 2 March, Peasants’ Day which honours the workforce
  • 27 March, Tatmadaw or Armed Forces Day
  • 13-17 April, Thingyan or water festival and Burmese New Year
  • 1 May, Labour Day
  • 19 July, Martyr’s Day commemorating Aung San and the eight members of his cabinet who were assassinated in 1947.

The above holidays have fixed dates, but the Burmese also celebrate a few whose dates change depending on the Buddhist calendar: the full moon days of Tabaung (March/April), Kason (May), Waso (July, Thadingyut (October) and Tazaungmone (November) and National Day, also in November.  In addition to these national holidays, non-Buddhist celebrations are held by minority religious groups.


There are approximately a hundred languages spoken in Myanmar (also known as Burma). Burmese, spoken by two thirds of the population, is the official language. [Learn some basic Burmese]

Time Zone

Myanmar time is abbreviated to MMT and it is 6:30 hours ahead of Greenwich Meant Time (GMT).

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