Basic Information



Health insurance

Your health insurance or travel insurance must cover any complications in Myanmar. The country’s health system is far from ideal although there are international-standard hospitals in Yangon for major incidents.

Recommended vaccinations

Proof of a yellow-fever vaccination will be required if you have visited any other country in the yellow-fever zone within six days of entering Myanmar. Other recommended vaccines include: Adult Diphtheria and tetanus; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B; Measles, mumps rubella (MMR); Polio; and Typhoid. For more information, check with your local travel clinic.

Availability and Cost of healthcare

Outside of Yangon, Myanmar medical care is poor, and local hospitals should only be used in desperation. If need, please contact your local embassy for advice.

Western-style healthcare is not cheap.

If you believe you are seriously ill, do visit to the nearest facility.

Buying medications is not recommended in Myanmar as many are counterfeit, out-of-date, or poorly stored.

Never drink the tap water and avoid ice and fresh juices.


Outside of most hotels, guesthouses and high-end restaurants, squat toilets are predominant and are often located behind the house. Toilet paper is sold all over the country but is not often available at the toilets themselves, so best to carry your own, and sit-down toilets are not equipped to handled flushed paper. Instead, you are expected to fill a small plastic bucket at the tap outside the stall and use that to clean yourself.

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