Burmese massage – a real treat

You have spent couple of days in Burma – you have gone trekking and shopping, and yes, templed out as well. The plane rides, hopping from one terminal to another, plus, the change in climate can literally make your muscles screaming for some nice kneading. Time for a bit of relaxation before you start on your next leg of destinations; time to experience the Burmese traditional massage.

The Burmese massage is a fusion of its neighbouring countries style and techniques. Thailand’s influence can be felt by how your masseuse would stretch your muscles to both lengthen and at the same time relax. The acupressure and reflex technique are China’s contribution to Burmese massage. Targeting pressure points as well as focusing on energy spots will restore your Qi and well-being. India too, has its influence and this can be felt as soon as the massage session starts. The gentle kneading at the onset is crucial to warming up your muscles and letting it know that it will be at the receiving end of skilful hands.

Chair Massages

If you want to enjoy the people traffic while refreshing yourself with a cool drink AND getting a good rub on those sore calves, Burma has a peculiar way of giving you all that. Street massages are a common sight. You sit on a comfortable chair that would be set up on a sidewalk while a massage expert will work on those tired muscles. Watching the traffic is always interesting. The streets of Burma are the best way to observe and know its people. You would surely be greeted by warm smiles and genial disposition that is inherent to the Burmese people. A street massage is ideal when you want a quick 15-30 minutes worth of relaxation, just enough to ease the tiredness and rejuvenate as you prepare for an exciting dinner.


Most of the hotels have an in-house massage spa. You can fully relax for 60 minutes to two hours and let your Burmese masseuse straighten the kinks out of your muscles. You would find bamboo rafters as the masseuse would hold onto it while walking on your back. If you think you are a little bit sensitive to this traditional massage, you can opt out and just feel the tension from your body slipping away by the just skilful hand kneading on your exhausted muscles.

And while you are all stretched and relaxed, you can add a luxurious treat to your skin with an algae facial treatment designed to plump fine lines making your face look smooth and glowing. You can also luxuriate in the Burmese traditional thanaka oil. The bark of the thanaka tree is finely grounded to produce a creamy paste that is pleasant to the smell. Its scent is similar to that of sandalwood and the mixture effectively protects you from the blazing heat of the sun. It also has anti-fungal and anti-aging properties. So why spend hundreds of dollars for facial treatment when using the thanaka has the same effects if not better?

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