How To Get To Myanmar By Air

If you’re planning on a trip to Myanmar, you can be assured of numerous ways to get there. By land, sea, or air, the experience of travel to the country is just as exciting as touring around the country itself. But of course, if you are someone who would appreciate a faster way of getting there, then travelling by air is definitely for you.

There are a lot of available international flights going to Myanmar. While the country can be accessed through various points, especially by sea through China or Thailand, the best way is to fly, by plane, to Yangon. Below is a list of airlines that you might want to check out to make your air travel experience to Myanmar worth your while.

Myanmar Airways International

Myanmar Airways International is considered to be Myanmar’s international flag carrier. At present, its headquarters can be found at Yangon.  Founded by the government, it was then called the Union of Burma Airways which preliminarily only operated domestic destinations. It was only in 1950s that International services were also made available. The December of 1972 saw the changing of its name to Burma Airways and then again to Myanmar Airways in 1989. This latter change had been in observance of the country’s own change of name from Burma to Myanmar.  But it was only in the middle of 1993 that international services were delegated to Myanmar Airways International.

While based at the Yangon International Airport, Myanmar Airways International have flights that pick people up from Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Doha.

Thai Airways International

Thai Airways International (THAI) is Thailand’s national flag carrier. The year 1988 saw the airline’s inception with Suvarnabhumi Airport being its base.

One of Star Alliance’s founding members, (Star Alliance being considered as the world’s first and largest global alliance of airlines) Thai Airways International is considered to be the largest shareholder of the lost-cost carrier Nok Air. To date, THAI boasts of flying to over 75 destinations in 35 countries and it has more than 80 aircrafts to boot.

Thai Airways International flights stretch from Europe to South and East Asia.

Bangkok Airways Public Company

Based in Vibhavadi Rangsit Road Chatuchak District, Bangkok Thailand, the Bangkok Airways Public Company is a regional airline. It was founded in 1968 and preliminarily operated under the name, Sahakol Air. It once operated air-taxi services.

Apart from Myanmar, the airline operates services to destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Maldives, India and Singapore. Its main base can be found at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

So there you have it, three international airlines that offer quality service when flying to Myanmar. It has already been said that while Myanmar may have different points of entrance in a lot of countries across Asia, flying in remains to be a most viable option. All that you have to do is get to the right airline that would service your every need and then you can relax and dream about the exciting experiences that await you in Myanmar.

And many others Airlines like Air Asia, Emirates, ANA, Air China, Cathay Pacific, ….

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