Myanmar sacred stone believed to foretell future

What if you could know about your future with Myanmar sacred stone?

Most of people would be curious to know about his/her future if it’s possible to do so or if they have a chance they would be tempted to give it a try. Some people take it seriously to predict ‘What the future holds?’ Such desire to know has spurred human to come up with means of predicting or fortune telling. This is why astrology, palmistry and astronomy have been developed for thousand years around the world, including Myanmar. The predicting methods vary based upon techniques. Sometimes the prediction depends on human, which is not unusual like how it depends on objects. Many people hold their beliefs that some certain objects have power to predict future. Now let’s go right into my topic, which is about an object that foretells future; ‘the simple stone’ or ‘the wishing stone’.

Myanmar sacred stones believed to predict future can usually be seen in religious places such as temples, pagodas, stupas and monasteries. The shape of the stone is as common as round or oval. Generally, its size is not too large, approximately 20 -30 cm in diameter. What is interesting is its surface, which is totally smooth, maybe due to the natural process or the frictions from the prayers’ touches over time. The stone is placed on a flat slab which resembles a platter. You can also find the wishing stone at the base of Lord Buddha image or sometimes it lies right at a certain corner of a pagoda. Some stones are plain, some are painted with gold color or silver.

Praying and asking from the stone is a form of self-invocation. Be careful not to take it as a joke. As the saying goes ‘believe makes everything’, you may get what you believe in. Most of Burmese people also believe that guardian spirits live in the religious places where sacred stones are kept and that they can help support life in different ways.

Ready to make a wish or ask the stone? First, just sit down near the stone in a comfortable manner and think of what you want to ask. The question should be a close ended (yes-no) question. For instance, after asking in mind “Will I pass my exam?” then try to lift up the stone with both hands. If your wish is to become true, you will feel that the stone is unusually light but, if it is not to come true, it will be unshakably heavy.

Burmese people usually make a wish to their spirits before they try to seek for the answer from the stone. You can also try by saying “Dear Lord, if what I have wished now is to be true, may this stone be as light as feather as I lift it, if not, may it be unshakable.”

Despite wishes and prays that people make to the so-called sacred stone, let me quote one famous Buddha sayings: “Believe nothing no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I (Buddha) have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense”. I think such saying is a good reminder as to what extend you can let you faith lead how to make a decision in life. At the end of the day, it’s you who decide to make something happen or stop it from happening when you put best effort in it.

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