Myanmar’s Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair

On Oct. 16, Myanmar’s election commission canceled upcoming elections in nine of 17 townships in conflict-torn Rakhine state.

Many of the unaffected townships are held by the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD), and the move tilts the electoral playing field in the party’s favor in the state where it needs it the most.

On top of other violations of democratic norms, the decision further undermines the credibility of an election that the NLD was always going to win. The party of the civilian leader and onetime democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, which came to power in 2015, still retains broad support elsewhere in Myanmar.

မငြိမ်းချမ်းတဲ့ ရခိုင်ဒေသက မြို့နယ် ရခုမှာ ရွေးကောက်ပွဲမကျင်းပဖြစ်ဘူးလို့ အောက်တိုဘာ ၁၆ရက်မှာ မြန်မာ့ရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ကော်မရှင်က ထုတ်ပြန်ခဲ့ပါတယ်။