Satisfy Your Water Wanderlust in Ngapali Beach

Looking for a perfect getaway place where you can just sit down, relax, feel the sun and the wind while letting your clothes get wrinkled and your eyes marvel at the azure sea? Situated a few kilometers away from Sandoway (Thandwe), Rakhine State, Western Myanmar is a paradise that is said to be named after Naples of Italy by an Italian tourist who was very homesick. Well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, the Ngapali Beach stretches for over three kilometers with its soft white sand and numerous coconut trees.

What makes this paradise stand out from all its Asian counterparts is the fact that it doesn’t have loud and noisy bars by the beach, hawkers and huge crowds of people. There is no doubt that Ngapali Beach is the ideal spot for those searching solitude away from it all. Tourists and locals recommend visiting the beach around October and May and the peak seasons are November and March.

How to Reach this Tourist Spot

You can reach this popular tourist destination via Thandwe Airport, which is just five kilometers away north of Ngapali. Another option is taking a bus at the Thandwe bus station located around 9.5km northeast of the beach. Air fare is pegged at US$46 to Sittwe and US$56 to Yangon. Bus services that offer long-distance trips to and from Yangon usually take 20 hours and these cost K11,000.

Aung Thit Sar and Ye Aung Lan buses pick visitors from their guesthouses. Bicycle tours can also be arranged for those who want some physical activity while traveling. Bike rentals are pegged at K2,000 per day. Travel by land to Sittwe is currently not yet allowed but you can ride on a boat from Taunggok then ride a Pyay bus or a pick-up from Thandwe.

Ngapali welcomes you with exciting things to do

Once you have set foot in Ngapali, expect a wide array of fun and exciting activities that will definitely make your vacation worthwhile. Witness the beauteous sunset at Pleasant View Islet or take a boat trip to Pearl Island. Tour the nearby villages by day or take time to experience gallivanting in the Fishing Village.

Don’t forget to dip in the cool turquoise waters and try snorkeling. Of course, there are other activities that aren’t concerned with water, such as the hand weaving experience of Rakhine Longyi and clay pottery at Kinmaw Village. Coconut carving doll is a popular souvenir in the area crafted by the locals as a source of income.

Tourists constantly fall in love with Ngapali Beach’s abundance of coconut water, which can be availed fresh from the tree itself. In addition, fresh seafood has been indispensable in the people’s daily diet and so better have a taste of the pristine cuisine using only the freshest and most delicious ingredients in town.

After you have spent your free days in Ngapali Beach, it’s guaranteed that you will be returning home rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed. Spread the word to your friends and let them have a bite of the good life you have experienced in that paradise.

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