The colorful food market in Yangon

When visiting any foreign country, one of the most fascinating activities to do is exploring a local fresh market. It is where the real lifeblood of a country flows and where local residents do business, converse, share meals, and spend time with friends and family.

Myanmar has an exceptionally diverse type of market products and delicious cuisine. Yangon is the capital of Myanmar and it is the most vital city. It holds plenty of markets selling various type of  fresh product, ready cooked meals and tasty snacks. Visiting the market at dawn would be the most ideal because before sunrise is when the liveliest trade happens. You will see that street food, restaurants, and vendors all gather to get their supplies and then there are the people searching for breakfast and those looking to buy ingredients for their cooking needs.

If you will visit Yangon, eating breakfast in the market is a must try as it is really enjoyable. You’ll find a variety of local breakfast meal that is really mouthwatering such as Bangladeshi/Indian styled flat rice pancakes ( dosai ) served with various type of curry, pita bread that has cooked peas with spices as filling  known as pe-byouk, selection of pastries and donuts, freshly sliced tropical fruit, and the most popular breakfast dish mohinga, a delicious dish made of rice noodles with fish curry served together with crispy fried fritters hot chili peppers.

There are plenty of fresh produce in Yangon market that caters to a real mixture of different cultures and cuisines. Like for Indian inspired dishes, the ingredients they often use are brinjal ( eggplant ), cauliflower, cabbage, okra, beans and turnips, for Chinese dishes they are more on green vegetables, assorted mushrooms, carrots and fresh cabbages, and ingredients like nuts, chickpeas, herbs, are key component for traditional Burmese cuisine. All of these are available in the markets of Yangon.

Yangon market is also rich in river products like fresh water fish,  poultry and meat. Fruits like sweet mango, guava, dragon fruit, jack fruit, papaya and watermelon, which are grown widely in Myanmar. Then there is this dessert which is made up of sweet cucumber that is green and yellow in color, belonging to the gourd family is the most popular beverage among the locals.

You will not only enjoy the foods and products of Yangon market, you will also enjoy gathering with the local people of the city. People in Yangon are really friendly especially in areas where they are not used to seeing foreign visitors like at local markets. They will even invite you to sit down and drink cups of tea and eat snacks. Their hospitality was really inspiring. Exploring the local market will really give you a nice view on mix cultures, the variety of ingredients used in every food, the way of life in Yangon.

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