Top 3 Offbeat Destinations in Myanmar

If you’re planning to go on a trip to Burma, going to its well-known cities like Mandalay, Yangon and Bagan would definitely be a treat. These cities offer more than just tourist attractions but also a rich cultural experience that you will never forget. But how about Burma’s other destinations that do not usually reach traveller’s memoirs? Here are three places in Burma that you might have heard little of but are nevertheless worth the travel.


Situated in the northernmost part of Kachin State, Putao is considered to be the main town in its township. Throughout the year, the town can only be accessed through plane. It is only during the summer that you can reach it by road. That is of course if you are local.

Around Putao there is an abundance of bird and foul and rare orchids. The well-renowned “Black Orchid” can be found in its mountainous regioins specifically in the east and the west. The Hkakabo Razi could also be seen from Putao, which, in turn, attracts more travelers to visit the town.

Trekking in the mountain ranges of West Putao will take you a good seven days, but it’s worth it. Here you would get the chance to meet the ethnic group, the Hta Lone. It is a group of people whose members stand less than four feet. There are so little that is left of them that they are at the brink of extinction.

Nat Ma Taung

Also known as Mount Victoria, the Nat Ma Taung can be found at the Chin Hills in the Arakan Yoma montane forests. It is an eco-region surrounded by tropical forests.

The Nat Ma Taung is dubbed as the highest of Chin State in West of Burma. It stands at a height of 10,016 feet and spans at a total of 2,231 meters, being worthy of its renown in all peaks found in Southeast Asia.

Mekong River

Among the three mentioned, the Mekong River is probably the most familiar. Known as the world’s 12th longest river, it is what you would call a trans-boundary river. It is basically a river that crosses one political border, may it be within the nation itself or another. The Mekong River, also being the seventh longest river in Asia, stretches into a good 2,703 miles.

The Mekong River runs through the Yunnan province in China, then through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Due to its expanse, it has become the major trading route of Southeast Asia.

Navigating through this river can be difficult as the variations in its flow are all too extreme. In addition, present within the Mekong River are a number of rapids and waterfalls.

So if it’s adventure that you are after, then these three destinations are for you. Not only would these provide your craving for an exotic experience, they will also enrich your knowledge of Burma’s rich natural resources. Now all you have to bring is the strength of body and a wide-eyed sense for discovery.

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