Bagan surroundings: Magwe Region and Bagan

Bagan is a dream, Bagan is unique.

Contemplated from the terrace of a temple, at sunset, while the light comes to caress its monuments, the magical site with its 2000 and more pagodas, stupas and temples, seems unreal, like out of a dream.

With these changing horizons depending on the time of the day, Bagan is an aesthetic shock, an unforgettable emotion.

Nearby, the state of Magwe, in central Myanmar,  with its capital Magwe, is located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady river. The region is famous for its wonderful teak monastery, Yokesone Monastery, built hundreds of years ago. Fort Min hla, an ancient Fort located in Min Hla city is also a must-see of the region.

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