Basic Information

Internet and Telecommunication


Internet is now available throughout Myanmar and most hotels (and more and more, restaurants as well) offer WiFi. That said, connection speeds can be incredibly slow, and networks often drop in part because of power cuts. Most formerly banned websites are now allowed as censorship laws have eased up.

There are few internet cafes outside of the main cities.

Telecommunications: area code/ mobile phones

Technological infrastructure in Myanmar is improving rapidly. Some local networks offer 3G coverage and International GSM roaming is now available. Historically, the only option for foreigners in need of a phone was to lease one in Yangon or Mandalay airports, though more and more visitors are able to buy local SIM chips.

Myanmar’s country code is +95. International dialling rates are based on US$ plus whatever service fee is charged. The cheapest way to call is using a VOIP service such a Skype.


Most electrical sockets use two round-pin plugs and standard voltage is 230-volt/50 hertz. Keep in mind that power cuts are routine, and electricity is rationed in some towns.

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