Northern Myanmar: Sagaing and Kachin

Very few visitors would venture to the northern region of Myanmar, the Kachin State, past Mandalay. For those who do, they mostly stay near the Ayeyarwadi river, in cities like Myitkyina, the Capital of the state, a beautiful agricultural region surrounded by mountains where jade is exploited, or Bhamo and its vestiges of the past cities.

The North has firmly turned towards China with its famous Burma Road, a strategic road built by the Chinese, and useful for the transportation of gemstone. It’s quite difficult to travel in this region (only by plane or train), and an authorization is mandatory to go to places like Mogok, the city of ruby.

In contrast, Sagaing is famous for the peaceful feeling that its sunrise passes on when the stupas, and towers pink and golden reflection contrast with the dark and muddy water of the Ayeyarwady.

Around 5000 monks live among this beautiful landscapes,  in about 600 monasteries. To the Burmese Buddhist, it is a sacred land: the foothills of Meru Mount.

City-dwellers come there for a day or a lifetime, to meditate.

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