Southern Myanmar: Kayin, Mon and Tanintharyi

The South of Myanmar attracts long -haul travelers, Myanmar’s lovers, in search of secret places. In Kayin and Môn states, they discover, as behind the scenes, the surprises provided by a region full of wealth and diversity: the amazing Golden Rock, whose balance seems miraculous, the splendors of another time at Mawlamyaine, the boat ride to Hpa-An, along the Thanlwin river, the mysterious caves, stud of Buddha’s’ statues.

With its coastline fringed with white sand and its virgin islands, the Tanintharyi state has nothing to envy to the enchanting seashores of South-East Asia.

With its set of around 800 islands fringed with corals and scattered off the coast, the Myiek archipelago forms a tropical paradise. The prohibition of access to this area imposed by the government outside of guided tour, preserves the natural beauty of these islands inhabited by Malay fishermen and « gipsies of the sea » the Mokens.

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