Yangon Surroundings: Bago and Yangon

Although dispossessed of the title of capital, Yangon remains indisputably the economic capital of the country. For believers and well as for tourists, it is and remains the city of golden pagodas.

Myanmar is experiencing an incredible change, of which Yangon is the epicenter.

With the perverse effects of the modernity, the city suffers, nowadays, continuous traffic jam. Moreover, with the Asian investors rushing to the opening of the country, and the omnipresent Chinese, the city suffers inflation in the cost of living, including the real estate price. We now find all the services of a megalopolis (Banks, ATM, luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, …)

Nevertheless, the city, built by the British, still offers its decrepit face, with dilapidated colonial buildings, eaten away by humidity and vegetation, that confers it a old-time charm.

2 hours drive from Yangon, the giant golden stupa of Shwemawdaw pagoda with its tall and sumptuous silhouette will bring you to Bago, ancient capital, a place of history and heritage, with its pagodas, its palace and the famous reclining Buddha.

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