Life’s a Beach – More Information on Burmese Beaches

Myanmar is still one of the most unspoiled countries remaining in the world. It has an amazing amount of beautiful scenery and nature is everywhere. From mountain treks to beach excursions, Myanmar has everything needed for fantastic adventures for whatever the traveler wants to experience. Myanmar will soon be a favorite holiday destination for tourists from. All over the world because it has pristine beaches that are still unspoiled, un-crowded and undiscovered.

Most of Myanmar’s gorgeous beaches stretch along the endless coastline from the Bay of Bengal to the Andaman Sea. It seems that all Myanmar beaches are blessed with spectacular sunsets where the sun slowly descends serenely into the tranquil waters each evening. Off the coast, there are many beautiful islands dotted about that are still yet undiscovered by the majority of  tourists because of travel restrictions, however, many of the Myanmar beaches are now open to new tourists.

Most of the beautiful Burmese beaches boast natural white sand and blue seas. Swimming, sunbathing, surfing, horse riding, jogging, kite flying, beach strolling, lounging, picnicking and cycling along the white sand beaches are just a few of the favorite tourist pastimes that you can now do here.

There are three famous Burmese beaches well known in Myanmar and have been open for the tourist trade since 1996. Ngapali Beach and the most famous resort beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, sometimes spelled as Ngwe Sung and Chaungtha Beaches, also sometimes spelled Choungtha may be known to a few hardy globe trekkers that have been here before. All three of these beaches are very popular among both the local and foreign tourists. Chaungtha Beach is probably the most active beach and crowded with more local tourists than the other two Ngapali and Ngwe Saung Beaches.

Unsurprising new resorts are now opening up on nearly all of Myanmar beaches. New Hotels now provide fishing excursions and boating trips to visit adjacent islands but older hotels may be your best bet for the best info on boats and excursions. Tourists enjoy going on the quickly expanding boat ride tours to many islands to explore the remote fishing villages and try out snorkeling around these fantastic islands to see some amazing coral reef. It should not be hard to find someone offering scuba diving trips and other water sports activities

Watching whale sharks is not really interesting for local tourists but definitely for foreigners remains a real a tourist dream. Sometimes in the season you will be able to see whale sharks around many Myanmar beaches. Sunbathing at the beaches is still the favorite tourist past time, but you will find very few locals lying in the Burmese sun. Myanmar people will not get sunburn even though they don’t use sun cream. Foreigners can easily get sunburn by lying two to three hours in the sun so you should take care and cover up plus sun cream. With a coconut drink in one hand, you will find many tourists, possibly sunburned, lounging around at the shore.

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