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Taungu, Myanmar

Taungoo once was the largest city in the Sittaung Valley and former capital of Burma, and it still receives a handful of travellers stopping over on their way to Yangon or Mandalay. It is best known in Myanmar as the former home of the powerful Taungoo dynasty whose rule spanned 150 years, although little survives from this reign.

Still, the town has some notable stupas, by far the most impressive is the gilded Shwesandaw Pagoda. Taungoo was founded in 1279 as the Pagan empire expanded southward, but after its fall just a decade later, Taungood was ruled first by the Myinsaing Kingdom and the Pinya.

The city revolted in the mid-14th century, but independence only lasted a few years. Still, Taungoo remained somewhat autonomous.

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