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Amarapura, Mandalay, Myanmar

Founded by Bodawpaya in 1782, Amarapura, or, the City of Immortality, is the youngest of the royal capitals. It replaced Inwa (Ava), an hour's walk to the southwest, on the advice of royal astrologers who were concerned about the bloody way the king took the throne. Subsequently, the entire population packed up and relocated in 1783. But the site would only be occupied until 1857 when King Mindon moved the throne further north.

Today, Amarapura is a township of Mandalay though its wide roads make the city feel less modern. Spend a day slowly cycling around the leafy streets. The main attraction is the 1.2km wooden footbridge which spans the lake and is the longest teak bridge in the world. The wood was salvaged from the old palace during the move to Mandalay.

Other minor sights include King Mindon's Bagaya Monastery, the tombs of King Bodawpaya and King Bagyidaw, and an early 19th century Chinese temple. The town sits on a large but shallow lake which makes for a pleasant backdrop to your day out.

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