Bodhi Tataung

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Monywa Township, Sagaing Region, Myanmar

While Thanbodday may be famous for its many tiny Buddhas, Bodhi Tataung is known for its two extremely large ones (China's Spring Garden Buddha is slightly taller). Indeed, Bodhi Tataung translates to 1000 Buddhas, a fitting name for a statue that itself is 31 storeys tall and these represent the 31 planes of existence.

Inside the enormous torso, grisly paintings of hell adorn the walls. Down the hill rests a 95metre lounging Buddha, entry is through the bottom. Both were built in the 1990s and have a kitschy, almost Jeff Koons vibe.

A third, a sitting Buddha, is currently under construction which will complete the surreal tableau. Also on the same site, is an entire garden of identical Buddhas who sit underneath concrete parasols, and the golden Aung Setkya Paya stupa.

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