Botataung Pagoda

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Strand Rd, Yangon MMR013017, Myanmar

Take Strand Road east and you'll find the Botataung Pagoda overlooking a small lake. Without the busy crowds of Shwedagon Pagoda, visiting Botataung is a much more relaxed experience. It is believed that over 2,000 years ago, eight Indian monks brought the Buddha's relics. They were met by 1,000 military officers (known as botataung) who guarded the site where the pagoda stands today.

The pagoda housed the Buddha's hairs for a short period of time before they were sent elsewhere. The original pagoda was destroyed by an Allied bomb in November 1943, reconstruction began on the very first day after independence. A gilded corridor winds its way around the hollow interior, unique to most zedi, or bell-shaped stupas.

The glass mosaic is particularly impressive, and don't miss the many small meditation niches which contained smaller artefacts including gold buddha images. e pagoda.

During reconstruction, a small cylinder holding the relics was discovered alongside hundreds of statues and tablets, and while most of valuable objects are locked away, you can see some on display at the Pagoda, including a large gilded bronze Buddha cast during King Mindon's reign. The Buddha was sent to London, but was returned to Myanmar in 1951 and placed in th

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