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Kakku Pagodas Complex, Taunggyi, Myanmar

Kakku, an archaeological site on the mountains of Inle Lake, has an abundance of ancient stupas and pagodas—5,257 to be exact. The earliest date to the Mauryan Empire 4th and 3rd centuries BC while others are from the Bagan period (11th-13th centuries).

To visit the temples, you need to pay an entrance fee and must hire a local Pa-O guide to take you around. At first glance, Kengtung, the 'Walled City of Tung', can seem rather unattractive, but it will quickly grow on you.

It is organized around Nawng Tung Lake, the medieval centre, which gives a sense of old Asia with its striking Tai Khün temples and markets frequented by many hill tribesmen, including the Akha, Palaung, Shan and Wa.

Don't miss the Buddhist sites including Zom Kham, a gilded stupa inlaid with stones that they believe dates to the 13th century.

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