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2 Belgian girls in Myanmar

Bagan Eastern Myanmar Lifestyle Wandering Nature

Bagan. This place had intreeged us for years. All the perfect sunset pictures with hot air balloons in the sky. What a dreamy place. As such, it was an easy decision for us to put this place on our bucket list for our worldtrip. After 8 months of travelling I finally arrived in Myanmar together with one of my best friends Petra.

At that time, the rainy season just started. During our 4 days in Bagan the rain didn’t stop. However, even after getting completely soaked on our e-bikes and an epic crash in the mud later we still call Bagan an amazing place. A real temple paradise!

In Mandalay we visited friends we met on a paradise beach in the Phillipines. Some Myanmar beers later we visited a bunch of beautiful temples. One of our favorites was the white Hsinbuyme pagoda in Mingun. Really a photogenic place. Also Inwa was memorable getting around on a colorful wooden horse…passing old ruins and pagodas.

But one of the highlights of our trip was our visit to the Green hill valley elephant care camp located close to Kalaw where they take care of 8 retired or disabled elephants and conduct a replantation project to decrease deforestation in Myanmar. Lovely to see how this family achieved in creating this place. 48 people work here and they depend completely on tourism to finance the project. We were very excited to meet these kind giants and they were impressing. We fed them, joined them in the river for a bath and with their memory we made friends for life :)